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    Extending Partition Issues

    Hi All, I trying to extend the partition in the drive that contains Windows to have more space to work with and avoid unnecessary jams since I'm currently at 94% used space. I've tried some troubleshooting within Windows but nothing seems to work as the 'Extend Volume' option remains greyed...
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    Why can't Domain Users access second hard drive?

    I have joined a freshly installed Windows 8.1 client to a domain controlled by Synology NAS. The Domain Admins group was automatically added the the Administrators (Administratoren) group and the Domain Users group was automatically added to the Authenticated Users (Benutzer) group as...
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    Desktop/hard drive making whistling noise from power supply

    So I have an iBOYPOWER desktop. Recently it was making noise at startup that would go away after a couple minutes. The noise can be described as a whistle. Last night, it was making the noise all night and it was decided to take it out and clean the interior. Did so, alot of dust, but it was...
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    Sounds: good or bad from running computer

    Since this is under Performance & Maintenance, I wanted to ask people about sounds the computer makes when running. I seem to act nuts when my computer isn't quiet when running, and if it makes any sound, the sound I would describe as vibrating through the shell/case that could go away if you...