1. Stan Schultz

    Updates mangled Windows

    I'm sure this issue as been discussed a million times already, but at age 77 I don't have the time to waste to search through nearly a hundred pages of posting titles and maybe get nothing for it. And I'm sure this is the wrong forum to post this, but it IS about updates. I reinstalled Windows...
  2. F

    Removing Internet Explorer 11 Windows component

    Hi yas, I needed to know if I can safely remove IE11 from Windows if I'm not using this browser for viewing webs and have already installed Edge 80 as its successor. By unchecking the component tickbox, I get a warning about possible functionality breaking of other Windows components that are...
  3. P

    June 2019 Windows Updates Changed Edge and IE11 Start Behavior

    I have installed the June 2019 Windows Updates on both a Win 7 Home and Win 8.1 Home system. Now when I launch either MS Edge or IE11, the IE11 welcome screen appears in a new tab. Even if I deselect all of the options and Save, the tab reappears on subsequent launches. I have not seen this...