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    Windows 8.1 doesn't auto-install drivers after installation

    Yesterday I made a clean installation of Win 8.1 Pro x32 (version 6.3 build 9600) on my tablet (Dell venue 10 pro 5055). The wifi worked out of the box. The problem is that Windows Update doesn't want to download and install the correct drivers. At the moment I can't use touchscreen, webcam...
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    egistec es603 installed but failed to start in device manager

    i have been trying to get the es603 reader to be recognized by windows for the last 4 months, i have installed versions:,, and still nothing works. they install fine but in device manager i get the following message: "This device is not working properly because Windows...
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    Please help!!!!!

    Hi, I am having a problem being that my screen resolution will not under any circumstances get higher than 600 x 800px (even under unsupported resolutions) I have tried Pheonix etc and nothing will get it to the right resolution, with Pheonix I was able to get it higher but not right, my native...