1. S

    Solved BSOD always after Windows Update KB5004476

    I have now tried everything that can be found on the Internet in terms of solutions, but I cannot get rid of the BSOD. When do I have the BSOD? I "only" have it when I install Windows Update KB5004476 (Windows 10 inevitably enforces this update), which was provided at the beginning of June 2021...
  2. J


    Hi, My laptop has recently blue screened twice. I've attached the requested log files. After the first time, I ran Malwarebytes (no threats) and also sfc /scannow - had to run it several times and also dism /restorehealth, but eventually it said there were no issues. However, the second BSOD...
  3. J


    Hi all, I've had several BSODs over the last few months, all related to putting my laptop to sleep (or waking up?) and apparently caused by the USBSTOR.SYS driver, but I don't really know what that is (guessing a USB driver) or how to fix it. Can anyone help? I've attached the zip file per the...
  4. F

    BSOD - Unable to boot due to missing driver files after empty battery

    Laptop shut down when it reached a low battery level as it was not plugged in. After plugging it in and turning it on, it gave a BSOD, indicating a missing driver "storahci.sys". I had one restore point available of 1,5 weeks ago but instead opted to try Startup Repair first from a Windows 8...
  5. P

    Bad Pool Caller BSoD, need help!

    So I got a Bad_Pool_Caller blue screen a couple hours ago, and I'd really like to fix it as soon as possible. For background, this computer hasn't bluescreened in the year+ I've owned it, and I haven't added new software or hardware in a couple months, though I moved into my new home yesterday...
  6. aman97aman

    CSGO shows a blank screen for 10 seconds on my lenovo Z51-70.

    Hi, I am using windows 8.1 on my laptop z51-70 and was experiencing the BSOD while using latest AMD drivers V18. So I installed older version v14. Now it doesn't show a BSOD but game shows a black screen. Please help me resolve the issue.
  7. F

    BSOD Lenovo X260 - Windows 8.1

    Hello, I have a Lenovo x260 and it gives me BSOD randomly. I've checked the RAM and it's ok. Can I upload the minidump files here so we can see exactly what is wrong with it? Thank you!
  8. Prinze

    BSOD when playing csgo

    I have this issue since a few months ago and i cant find an absolute solution for it. So when i decided to play csgo again, the problem still there. All lowest settings. Dont know why. It always happen when i am in the middle of my game and suddenly appears BSOD, sometimes Memory Management...
  9. N

    Intermittent (and increasing) BSODs, various error messages, storport.sys

    Quick summary: For months I’ve been getting intermittent (and increasing) BSODs with a small variety of error codes, including DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (at least twice) and, most recently, PASSIVE_INTERRUPT_ERROR. Running WinDbg on the minidumps...
  10. Djay405


    Hello, os-windows 8.1pro on hp laptop As i installed Acronis true image 2017 to create a bootable dvd, the whole OS crashes after i restart with BSOD. Any idea why this is happening. Later i used system restore to get back my OS running again. This happened with 3 versions of Acronis true...