I'm looking at a Win 8 Enterprise RTM that I just installed and have not used much. Turned off Defender and installed AVAST. I see several instances of Event ID 36888 schannel fatal error. Found a thread on social.microsoft, still fresh, not much help - seems lots of windows 8 users see this error and are fumbling around for ways to either stop it or better yet find the real culprit. I'm concerned because I was getting huge network-speed drops - something blocking the download side, not upload. Haven't found the real cause, hence the search for events and solutions.

is there a resolution for this or a recommended Root-Cause process?

secondly, whether related or not - Is there a need with 8 to patch the security framework for such 3rd party Security Apps? AVAST [one of its great values] does a good job of sniffing the network, identifying malicious links/URL's and such but I wonder if it is being impeded by a security process in 8? Do I need to inform the Windows Firewall? I turned off Smartscreen because, despite the option to notify for an override, I was not being given the opportunity to 'allow' when things got blockaded.