We'd like to invite you to join the project "Avira Version 2013". This beta will allow you to use an early version of our product and help us to improve it through your feedback.As this project is in an early beta testing phase, applicants will for now be chosen depending on their activity during other current or past projects, their testing hardware and the information on their application. If you are not selected during the first stage of the beta, please be patient - there will be an open beta phase, to which you will be invited.
Avira Version 2013
We are proud to announce the Avira Version 2013 for Windows which you as a Avira betatester can try out as one of the first!
Please feel free to test the product and report us anything you may think is going wrong, could be done better and so on.
Take a look at the new features of Avira Version 2013
Warning: The features in the list are in development, some of them are not yet integrated and some already integrated might change in the near future.

  • Enhanced Child Protection

The existing features have been restructured for better usability (URL Category blocking, Time-Control and Social Network Protection). The alerts for URL and time control have been centralized.

  • Integration of Social Network Security

New functionality has been integrated into the product named Social Network Security. The product offers a link to the SocialShield website which will open in the default browser. Functionality can be accessed there.

  • Integration of Android Security

New functionality, Android Security, has been integrated as well into the product. The product offers a link to the Android website which will open in the default browser. Functionality can be accessed there. Multiple devices can be managed. Functionality includes Locate, Lock, Alert, & Message.

  • Advanced Protection through Avira Protection Cloud (APC)

After each installation, and then once a week , there will be a Quick System Scan performed automatically where the Avira Protection Cloud is being used in order to improve the detection. The APC is going to be released only for the paid products. You can find the settings in Control Center -> General -> Advanced Security

  • Integration of the Experts Market

Experts Market is a new entry in the Tray icon. A link is displayed with every reported detection through Realtime Protection as well as Web Protection. The user is linked to the Experts Market where different experts offer help to the customers’ problems.
To participate, you should be willing to:

  • Use the beta product
  • Be an active participant by submitting bugs, suggesting new features, completing journals, and using the beta forums
  • Willing to compete homework assignments.