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[Help] Blue and yellow shield

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    [Help] Blue and yellow shield

    Hello guys I bet this thing is all over the internet but I can't possibly fined a working answer for my problem. So the problem is that i have that annoying blue and yellow shield on all of my icons. I download a installer for something and that shield is on that. And not just the installer it's on some of my shortcuts. And I cant get rid of them. I know it's because you need admin and thing but I have administrator and yes before someone says this answer I put the UAC and restarted the computer but nothing worked maybe someone could help me, thanks.

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    Why would you want the shields off? They have a reason to be there.
    Can't you run them with admin rights? Just asking.

    This reminds me of task manager in Win7: green, no shield on shortcut.

    And the new task manager in Win8: white, Click image for larger version with shield. But this is a new program: former TM.exe in CP version.

    I also asked myself why the shield but I never found (or want) a way to remove it.
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    I am so frustrated that Microsoft is making our lives difficult by putting idiotic prompts in the OS every time we try to do something as simple as renaming an icon. Why is this shield there on programs that come from legitimate institutions like banks? And why do the prompts keep appearing even after lowering UAC prompt level??

    Has anyone figured this out at all? I seriously hate Microsoft right now. After 20 years of using every version of Windows, 8.1 just might push me over the edge.
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    Your icon hasn't changed. If you go into the properties for that particular item and click on the 'Change Icon' button at the bottom, you'll see the regular icon. If you choose a different icon, it doesn't make any difference. The shield will still appear.

    It's not because of administrative privileges either. It's probably because that program has the code to make certain low-level changes to your system, Windows overlays the real icon with the shield image in the bottom right corner. I imagine if a developer (or bank, or whatever) gets the app certified or digitally signed correctly, the icon doesn't appear. You don't see it on Steam, Chrome, NVidia and other icons because they go through the process.

    Of course, you can change your notifications so that when you run the program, it UAC won't pop up first, but that opens you up for malicious stuff to run wild. And the icon won't disappear anyway.

    Don't know why it's important to some people that the icon isn't there, but I understand. I'm old and fussy about some other things, but Microsoft can't please us all.

    But I think they do a great job for most of us. I'm an unabashed fan of Windows 8. Of course, I've loved all the version since 2.0. That doesn't mean I don't grumble here and there. But usually everything works out great.
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    There is no more shield here after a while on 8.1.

    Try adding the shortcut again with:
    %windir%\system32\taskmgr.exe /7

    Refresh icon cache...
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    There is scamware out there called "Support 24x7" or something like that and it places a "shield" over icons and I've seen it recently and it was relatively easy to clean (MalwareBytes in safe mode, followed by CCleaner). Have you run a MalwareBytes scan of your PC recently?
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[Help] Blue and yellow shield
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