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Do you plan to use third-party antivirus and firewall?

View Poll Results: Do you plan to install third-party antivirus and firewall?

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  • Third party antivirus, Windows 8 firewall

    30 17.96%
  • Windows 8 antivirus, Third-party firewall

    5 2.99%
  • Third party antivirus and firewall

    44 26.35%
  • Windows 8 antivirus and firewall

    88 52.69%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phone Man View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lonewolf View Post
    Kevin Ismail said:
    Treadstone and Blackbriar ops in which for the sake of national security CIA is breaking into all available network from Langley to Europe.
    Kevin? What makes you think that they are not? The Cobra's venom will stop the Mongoose!! Kevin beware the man in the big yellow hat.
    Check out the YellaWood® Presents The Adventures of YellaFella - He is my hero.

    Attachment 8980

    LOL, Jim! The Ponderosa revisited!

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    I guess those security matters might drive us a bit paranoid.
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    I suggest for my PC to have Microsoft Windows Defender ( Default Anti-virus for every Microsoft OS ), not any other anti-viruses.

    Yes, i would consider using the Windows Firewall, because for me, it works excellently, when maintained in mint ( Excellent ) condition.

    It is true and false what Cly said.

    The 'true' is that Avast! DOES indeed slows down a computer, but why does the computer slows down?

    That's when the 'false' part comes

    The 'false' is that Avast! updates each 1 hour or 30 minutes by default, you can change the settings. It silently scans the computer each week or a hour, depends on what you set. Default's a day.

    Change the settings of the anti-virus for more speed.

    I warn you not to use PC speeding tools, because once i installed one in my other Windows 7 computer, and it lagged ( slowed down ) a-lot...
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    At this point I'm not sure about which Antivirus I will use. For the firewall I have been using the one that's built into Windows. Sometime ago I used ZoneAlarm, but later had problems with it. So I now use AVG which I had intended to use in Win 8. But since I see here that a lot of the members like Windows Defender, I may just use Windows firewall and Defender. What I like about AVG is that you can run a scan when you choose. Can that be done with Defender?
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    @Frank1, It's upto your choice what anti-virus do you want, but it must support Windows 8.

    What I like about AVG is that you can run a scan when you choose. Can that be done with Defender?

    Yes. There are 3 types of scan.

    1) Quick Scan - It just scans the current running programs, that's all

    2) Deep Scan - It scans the whole files in the computer ( Includes everything, all drives, programs, etc. )

    3) Custom Scan - You choose in which drive to scan
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    I've been over few AVs like Avira, AVG, Norton, Avast, and some others. Currently I find Defender quite a fair choice. At least it leave me free from viruses since the WDP version.

    To be honest, my experience convince me that leaving all viruses thing to AV works is a bit disastrous. Doing things with PC using precautions that make us stay clear from most virus trouble.

    Just an analogy to people who get all kind of vaccines for having acquired immunity but at the same time not doing all healthy behavior required.

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    Just curious -- as of the last 2 or so years, seems to me there hasn't been much on the getting a virus scene. I tend to see more spyware, Trojans, and drivebys.. I can't remember the last time my AV has flagged me that a virus was attempting to gain access to my computer(s), or any ill behavior by one. Anyone else here notice this as well?
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    We locally stil have a bunch of it. Almost every other day my workmates drop by my desk asking for help cleaning their flashdisk. Some nasty genius still spending their time creating viruses.

    On the other hand, recent AVs are seemingly following the trend. They have extended capability to clean not only viruses I think.
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    Some nasty genius still spending their time creating viruses.
    What you say, those 'nasty geniuses' create simple worms and trojans these days, that any AV can remove them.

    They have extended capability to clean not only viruses I think.
    What other viruses do you think of?
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    Windows 8

    I've paid for two years of Kapersky, but now I'm just going to use Windows Defender + Firewall.
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Do you plan to use third-party antivirus and firewall?
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