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Defender Detected Items but no scans or warnings showed

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    Defender Detected Items but no scans or warnings showed

    My Windows 8.1 PC used to do a full Defender scan in about 8 minutes. A few days ago it wouldn't complete a scan after 13 hours, the progress bar was only like %3 done. I made a thread. Someone suggested scan in safe mode. I didn't do safe mode but I scanned again and after about 15 hours, it completed.
    I Scan at least once a day and same with spybott. Spybot only ever finds Minor 'green' threats like cookies or browser history etc. Defender has never popped up or had a scan finish saying that anything was found.
    But after this Defender scan finally finished, I checked (I think for the first time ever) the Detected Items list in it and found about 8 Sever 'Exploit" items. I should have written them down I guess but I just did Remove All. The Severe items said they were only from about 3 weeks to a week ago detected which is in line with how the scan was all of a sudden taking forever.
    Should I worry about this?
    I scanned again and as always, No Detected Items are found. the Detected Items list is also blank.

    What else can I run like hijack this, malware bytes etc that won't interfere with Spybot and Defender? I have tried using as many scan tools as I can but there's always some stupid thing that makes one cause my main Defender protection to disable.
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    As I said, I scanned and it never in years showed any threats then I noticed in the Detected items tab, it showed a few Severe threats. I Removed All. I scanned again, and they showed again. They are:



    then I Remove All. Scanned again, and there's nothing in Detected Items Tab, as of now... Very upset.
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    ^ are no longer found. I google them and a Microsoft website says Windows Defender will take care of them. Hopefully they never return.
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Defender Detected Items but no scans or warnings showed
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