Hello all. I'm new to this forum, but i really need help solving a problem.
I'm still a student and i received a HP Stream 7 from a costumer saying his kid apparently damaged the windows explorer (not the internet one, the one that allows to search in documents, etc). I turned it on and yeah, the thing was screwed. I tried to factory reset it trying to solve the problem, but this Bitlocker thing wants me to enter a recovery key to format it. I've searched a bit and i would need the email and pass to get the key; the parents don't remember the email or the password. I got to the BIOS and searched for more options to reset the thing, none worked, it keeps telling me that an error has ocurred (without a code or stuff like that) and doesn't do anything.

The only thing that i can access is the BIOS and the command prompt. I surfed the internet and found some commands for disabling Bitlocker, but when i enterned commands like this:

manage-bde off C:
manage-bde -protectors -disable C:

It says that the volumen is locked, and i don't know how i can't unlock it.
All i want to do is to factory reset this thing, but i don't have the recovery key needed. All i have is the recovery id
Any help is apreciated.