Hi everyone, I'm on a Windows 8.1 with update 1 box and recently discovered that when using a BitLocker encrypted flash drive, I am unable to double-click the drive to unlock it. The prompt for the unlock password does not show up. I get an error saying "Access is Denied" even before I get a chance to put in the unlock password. I am also unable to right-click on the drive and choose Unlock... The option is not even there. The only way I can unlock the drive is 1. Clicking the popup that shows at the top of the screen when the drive is inserted, or 2. Opening the Manage BitLocker section in Control Panel, and unlocking the drive from there. I've tried it on other machines with the same OS and both ways work on there. Does anyone have any input on what this could be? I've looked for software that could have impacted this functionality but could not find anything.