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Does anybody know any good firewall?

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    Does anybody know any good firewall?

    I've tried Comodo in the past, but for some reason it just doesn't work. Like if any application is attempting to access the internet, it should let me know every single time, and ask me if I want to block, allow, always block, or always allow. Something of that sort.

    Yet with Comodo it seems to just let alot of stuff through without asking. For example Windows Update just goes through. Even though I want to allow it, a firewall should always ask the user. With Comodo, I never know what it's letting through.

    I was thinking maybe PCTools or Online Armor might have free firewalls that work. But not completely sure.

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    Windows 8 comes with Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. RP anyway. It's not the same one in Control Panel. When on the Metro Start screen type Windows Firewall. It lists it. If you're technologically capable, you may be able to tweak the rules if you want notifications. Please read the help files. I'm not one that tends to get second party apps, especially something that inner core, like the firewall, since I think second party apps diverges the OS.
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    I disabled Windows Firewall and Defender. Is there a good third party one?
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    If you want a good firewall, you don't install it on your PC, you install it on a dedicated small server connected between your Internet modem/router and your network, Untangle and PfSence are 2 I like, you don't need a power full server to make them run, any old Pentium III and UP will do the job for PFSence and an Old pentium IV will run Untangle well.

    PfSense is free, Untangle can be free, but if you want a real good integrate Anti-Virrus , you have to pay for it. ( the free version come also with a limited anti-virus)

    You can find an old PIV from 0 to $ 50 and the software is free and way better solution than anything you will install on your PC

    Software Packages | Untangle

    pfSense Open Source Firewall Distribution - Home

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    Eset Smart Security. Works great in 8....
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    area - I think that is a bit complicated for the OP.

    You might want to re enable Windows firewall - it is very good for a software firewall.

    But it is fiddly to set it up for outbound connections.

    Try the free Windows7FirewallControl: Sphinx Software to do it for you.

    It will pop up when it detects an outbound attempt - tell it what to do and it configures windows firewall.

    It sounds like what you are looking for.

    For example Windows Update just goes through
    Afaik, they all let windows core services do their job.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64

    I installed the Zone Alarm free firewall/antivirus, but it seemed to be preventing Excel from moving/copying cells around. I kept getting errors telling me that my clipboard cannot be emptied. Not to mention it has done absolutely nothing since I installed it. Even Chrome was able to launch without ZA asking for permission.

    I think P4 might use too much extra power. Bit it might be a good idea to build a separate unit for Firewall. My modem is my router though so my other PC is connected to it.

    But I'll check the Eset. And if that doesn't work I'll probably just go with sphinx.

    Yes it makes no sense for the firewall to just randomly allow Windows update or any core services just go through. In my experience, firewalls always ask for every single service. And you can set it to allow once. Or as trusted so it no longer asks. Or to block it. But I should always have that option anytime something attempts to access the internet. Not for it to just automatically say everything is trusted.
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Does anybody know any good firewall?
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