I'm living up to my screen name!

I complained to my wife the other day that my PC was running slow. She told me to take it in for repairs or a checkup. I thought it could wait.

I sleep during the day and I was just going to bed (very sleepy) when I got a phone call. He said my name and address and said my wife had paid for him to run a check on my PC. She was asleep and I thought she did call somebody. I said OK.

He was running some tests and about 20 minutes later, he said he would finish it the next day because he was getting off work just then. I said call me after 9 pm and I went to bed.

When I got up, I couldn't log on because there was a small window (NOT a Windows window) saying I needed a password to start my PC.

When he called me, he said I needed to pay money to protect my PC. Needless to say, I knew I had gotten scammed. My wife hadn't called anyone.

Can this be fixed by a PC repair shop? I can't touch it.
Basically, what can they do if they can't even start it?
About how much will it cost?

And now you know why I call my self AdmittedlyDUMB.

Thank you