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Microsoft is spying on us!

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    Microsoft is spying on us!

    It's in the Press now..... Windows 10 was automatically downloaded onto PC's using 7 and 8.1 and remains in a hidden file on your PC.

    With it has come a host of keylogging, spyware, records your voice and even can control your webcam. And this is even before we decide to Upgrade to Windows 10! This Data is being collected by Microsoft, as they describe it "to improve the customer experience".

    In my opinion, forcing some of Windows 10's features into earlier operating systems (without telling us) is a gross breach of trust and borders upon a criminal offence in many countries.

    I strongly object to Microsoft taking, without my consent, 6GB of my Mobile Broadband allowance (costing me a lot of hard earned cash) and imposing upon my Privacy. (one of the reasons for not upgrading to 10).

    Since this has happened, I have placed the facts into the hands of my Member of Parliament, European Parliament and my Solicitor.

    Microsoft are bullying all of us and I for one will stand up and fight!

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    It would be helpful if you named the hidden files so we can search for them to see if what you say is true.
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    You want proof of Microsoft's 'spying' actions.... so here it is:

    Microsoft slips user-tracking tools into Windows 7, 8 amidst Windows 10 privacy storm | PCWorld

    Just Like Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8 Also Spy on You – Here’s How to Stop Them

    These are only just a couple of the Internet based reports. Confirmation is also in all of the computer magazines...from PC Pro to WebUser.

    As for Microsoft secretly downloading the Windows 10 UPGRADE onto 7 and 8.1 Machines, whether we want it or not....

    The Windows 10 file is C:\ $Windows~BT or C:\Windows.~WS .

    If you are using Broadband, the (WS) file size may be over 10GB!

    Windows 10 was 'drip-fed' into our machines over a period of time and without notification nor asking for our confirmation by 'piggybacking' inside Updates relating to other issues. This has been confirmed by Microsoft and was explained by a senior Microsoft executive as "acceptable Industry practice".

    The consensus of opinion of all Computer Magazines is that whilst automatic UPDATES are acceptable, it is pushing the boundaries of legality for Automatic UPGRADES to be done this way. It was even voiced in Micromart magazine Issue 1382 page 45, and in other magazines, that Microsoft's may soon be having a 'class action lawsuit' for refunding the cost of this unsolicited Upgrade download to Mobile Broadband users or to those who have a data capped Internet.

    Microsoft has an extremely bad reputation for Public Relations with a 'we are Microsoft, and are to big to do anything about' approach.

    How many of Microsoft's 75 million 'Windows 10 Upgrades' were actually 'forced UPGRADES' onto Window 7 and 8.1 machines? We shall soon be finding out!
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    Thank you. I was not doubting you. That's why I didn't update to Windows 10.
    Just wanted to know where to look and what files to delete.
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    It's my pleasure to alert other users that my initial suspicions were found to be correct.

    I have nothing to hide on my PC, however, why on earth has Microsoft suddenly started to gather data (including voice recordings) for Windows 7 and 8.1 computers?

    IF this data collection extends to Pro versions, there could be be huge implications to the Medical/Legal community and other Institutions where data privacy is paramount. Not that I am saying that Microsoft will take Patient/client data files, but the mere fact that Microsoft have this within their potential is now is very disturbing.

    I recall that I read an article that the data collected is being transmitted to two Domains. A temporary solution to stop this data being transmitted is to block them on an Outbound Firewall. Of course the ideal situation would be for Microsoft to simply remove their Spyware... and 'pigs can fly'!
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Microsoft is spying on us!
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