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I have a highjacker Thats attacking me at will TrojanJS

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    Hacker, no matter what I do is getting access into my pc.

    Hi again thank you for you replies I will try to be clearer. Im running a ASUS CM1855 US003S FX3.3G (8300) 16G mem. SATS3 1TB 64BIT(MM1) VGA EAH7770/1GD5...................
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    Stay in college. Don't ever let a computer virus hold you back. (personal experience)

    Take classes at a local community college. The support of in-class instruction is extremely valuable.

    Aside from that, you should have a separate computer strictly for school, with another for play. (if finances allow)

    What exactly is your problem?

    Please understand that your post is difficult to read and understand. You need to provide more information in a more intelligible way. If you need to write a long explanative post, go for it, I will read and respond.
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    Here answer these questions:

    Is your computer a desktop, laptop or tablet?

    What is the model number of your computer? (if custom built list CPU and MoBo)

    What version of windows are you running? (ex: Windows 8.1 Enterprise 32-bit)

    Do you have administrator access to the system?

    How dis you discover the Trojan?

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how technically inclined do you believe you are?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Riv View Post
    Hi everyone To start Ive had 3 Computers only used standerd account when on the net had centurylink and there Norton firewalls....And on my current pc Ive went to data doctors 2 times I thought they got it the first time but I accidently got on the net with admin account and it made me half to reinstall and no matter how many times I cleaned formated wiped ran anti everything bought a 8.1 windows cd or he or she get into my Or part my firewall at will they open ports 44401 30005 50000 ect...Then it greays out servicer endpoint and RpcSs and I cant even stop it in powershell..this thing has made me miss 2 years of college as I was doing my classes online..the persons or person doing this stuff needs to be put in prison...So how do I get it off my computer Trojan JS Trojan litmus PLEASE help a brother out........THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT......
    How did you discover that it is a Trojan JS or Trojan Litmus? Did you see specific signs related to the said malware?

    If you have pictures/screenshot, please include it here so that we can better understand your problem and help you out.
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I have a highjacker Thats attacking me at will TrojanJS
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