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Noob + GlassWire + BiniSoft = ??

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    Windows 8

    Noob + GlassWire + BiniSoft = ??

    Ok, relative noob here. Win 8.1

    Using KIS + MBAM Pro (permissions allowed for each)

    Was thinking of switching to KAV + MBAM Pro + GlassWire or BiniSoft Windows Firewall control as add-on to MS FW.

    As a relative novice should I leave KIS in (rarely if ever receive outgoing or any permission requests) and let it do its job

    or try Windows FW (+ KAV + MBAM Pro) with one of the above add-ons and learn to monitor/control traffic (worried about request for action on an action that I am unfamiliar with...)

    Windows Firewall Control (no eye-candy but came highly recommended- but also keeps you busy....)

    BTW, why DOESN'T KIS FW ask me re: outgoing....ever?

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    I don't know what "KIS" is - to me that means "Keep It Simple". And with that thought, I just use Malwarebytes + Microsoft Security Essentials and the standard built-in Windows Firewall.
    I've never needed more than that.
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    Windows 8

    KIS = Kaspersky Internet Security (Suite)
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    Win 8.1 64bit

    Firewall better app?

    Previous discussions on firewalls, though not exactly specific to your question. You may also consider asking on the Kaspersky Forum.
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    Windows 8

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Noob + GlassWire + BiniSoft = ??
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