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Firewalls Blocking Connections, tried Zonealarm and Comodo

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    Firewalls Blocking Connections, tried Zonealarm and Comodo

    I'm trying to get away from AVG, and don't have $ to buy a good AV/Firewall. I am using Panda as my AV right now. I tried using Comodo as my Firewall, but almost every website kept getting blocked unless I completely disabled the firewall (no matter what I changed in settings, from allowing Firefox/IE/Chrome to access the internet in all ways, to disabling all website filtering, etc. So I uninstalled Comodo and installed ZoneAlarm. Same issue. I can't load tons of sites, and even disabling ZoneAlarm didn't fix it, I had to uninstall it. After the uninstall everything is back to normal. I was going to check my hosts file but it's nonexistant. I use Google's DNS servers... Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    Use Windows Firewall and add a better GUI like Windows Firewall Control free.
    But it still strange, I believe Comodo has something like a learning mode, try that.
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    i'm using Comodo right now.. its sooo difficult.. It requires 1 week of reading manuals and watching 1 hour long videos of people setting it up..

    I may be going back to Sphinx ....
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Firewalls Blocking Connections, tried Zonealarm and Comodo
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Thanks. ooops...sorry, didn't see this whole forum here. doi....
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