I know how to view and look at them. But it confuses the heck out of me. Over the years going to military or other sites I added certificates. How do I know which ones I have, if I still need them and what they are for? Is there a program to help me with this? Or must I manually inspect them all? If I remove or change the wrong one that could be bad correct? Could it be disastrous? Or would it later reinstall itself when needed? This is a home PC

I just want to know what certificates I have, use and what they are for. If there are ones I do not need, accidentally accepted (or someone else using cpu did). I want to remove all the ones I do not need. My kid uses this computer, I can see them just pushing buttons or not knowing better adding certs. Could adding the wrong Certificates be harmful - how so? Is there a good primer, faq or something on this? I found several but would rather go on someones recommendation.