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Unable to protect myself on hotel network I need help plz

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    Unable to protect myself on hotel network I need help plz

    I'm running Windows 8.1 pro everything is updated and windows update is on automatic. UAC is at the highest level and I'm using Internet Explorer. I have malwaremalbytes installed and Windows Defender is on default settings for both programs. I also have been using Glasswire to monitor things (what do you guys think about this program by the way?)

    As I said I see things happening in the background via Glass wire such as my Microsoft malware command line was on in the background and accessing the network I don't know if that's normal but it raised some suspicion. Also, Glasswire says that Host Processes for Windows or svchost.exe is being accessed by someone with a network ip address of That ip is also connected to my explorer.exe and there's a lot of traffic going from my computer to theirs. My ip is so it proves it's someone in this hotel.

    I don't really know that much and I don't even know where to start learning to protect myself. It's like everything I try that it's futile to win at this game. I'm starting to wonder why I am on the internet anymore. It's like there's someone always right there ready to make your life hell. I feel like just giving up. I have scanned and scanned and scanned and read and read and then read some more. But feel like all my efforts are futile.

    I have assigned my own dns numbers from open dns dot com and flushed my DNS via ipconfig.
    I don't know how to set the firewall up though and I know you can close ports right? but which ones and how?
    Please someone help me. Before I light a match and just burn this damn thing.

    Please. Thank you for reading this.

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    Are you using the Hotel's WiFi? If not turn your WiFi off until you get this figured out.
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    No I am using Ethernet. I don't know how to do this but I was reading this guys post and I want to know how to do step number 3. I'm using a standard account. Is it normal for explorer.exe to be connected to someone in the hotel?

    Quote Originally Posted by Addictive Gamer View Post
    Here is what works for me:

    1.) Built in Windows defender
    2.) UAC
    3.) restrictive Windows firewall by using *GROUP POLICY* ( outbound and inbound )
    4.) using standard account only ( never Admin )
    5.) install only signed and verified applications
    6.) and the most important, be careful while surfing ( the links u click )

    If you follow these steps you'll most likely never be infected and probably don't even need to scan your PC.
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    Rather then playing with a group policy, it would be simpler to use a firewall with inbound/outbound control by default. Windows Firewall is quite complicated even with addons like Windows Firewall Control. You can try free Private Firewall or Comodo Firewall.

    Quote Originally Posted by pwilson471 View Post
    Also, Glasswire says that Host Processes for Windows or svchost.exe is being accessed by someone with a network ip address of That ip is also connected to my explorer.exe and there's a lot of traffic going from my computer to theirs. My ip is so it proves it's someone in this hotel.
    If you do not use Windows file sharing, you might want to disable it, it usually allows access between computers on the same network. Disabling those services should block it: Server, WebClient, Workstation. Disabling TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper might disrupt access to internet in some networks, if it happens, re-enable it. Deleting network protocols you do not use, might improve your security as well. I use only IPv4.
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    That's great TairikuOkami thank you for the help. I'm going to do what you said and I'll come back here and let ya know. I will probably take the time to learn about Windows Firewall. as it's already built in and is pretty good I think. You know I don't mind learning or taking the time to do so but if could point me in the right direction on what to learn and where all of these goodies about Windows 8.1 Pro (well I guess maybe Windows 10 b/c I'll be upgrading) are located (preferably a book) I would be much a appreciated and will promise to help as many as I can with securing their desktops so they don't have to go through what I went through.
    Thanks again.
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    Ok so i did all the disabling of those services and uninstalled all unnecessary network adapters. I also went to Microsofts website and downloaded an excel spreadsheet of Group policy settings and have started to create my own GP mmc. Man do I really have to do all of those manually or can i import that spreadsheet? It will take along time. So I didnt finish but i finished all of the user internet explorer gp settings and saved it. I wonder does that work automatically or do i have to import that into the main gpedit.msc? I then connected to the interent and this computer on the hotel network started communicating with the svchost.exe and my explorer.exe. there was an exchange of information but I dont know if anything was takin or erased. I tried making a firewall rule but i dont think i did it right bc it didnt stop her. Even when I used Glasswires "block" feature the data exchange continued.

    I am about ready to throw my computer away. I have already calleded my bank and changed my card and I told them to delete my online presence and have changed all passwords. I have been trying to learn this but I am afraid I dont have the smarts to apply it. I failed.
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    I already went through this.. I remember some posts about this awhile ago.. I can't remember but if I find them i'll post them here again..

    there is only a few things you can really do..

    1. you will always see unknown addresses always trying to connect to you.. Microsoft and all kinds of stupid programs and companies have their apps talkback to home and want to collect information and etc..

    I even found out that windows itself tries to talk to itself.. so you will see ip addresses always popping up.. its ridiculous.

    You can try to find which ones are exactly from microsoft and which ones you only need to enable to connect online.. but it gets so ridiculous its not worth it..

    2. look into virtual sandboxes and things like VPN and or try hotspot shield etc..

    3. this gets really ridiculous but you would have to setup multiple computers like lets say 3 or 4..

    then the computer 1 talks to computer 2 and tells it go online.. which tells computer 3 to go online.. which tells computer 4 to go online.. and then and only then you have a chain where if someone wants to hack they have to get by 3 or 4 computers to get to your computer giving the commands..

    like inception where you dont know whose dream you are in..

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    Thanks BrooknDunn
    Last edited by pwilson471; 17 Jun 2015 at 15:18.
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    well I'm glad you feel that way but no matter who or what takes a stand. money always wins..

    so there won't be any changes anytime soon.. the guy with money controls.. its pretty simple..
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Unable to protect myself on hotel network I need help plz
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