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XBOX Apps stopped working and in app access account fail

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    This is what I see on my Account page in terms of the security options:

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks Gary

    Thanks for your screenshot. I understand now that the 'missing options' do exist, but are suppressed until 2 step has been fully activated. At present my PC is acting as if 2 step has been activated, but this is not reflected by my MS Account. So either this is only a partial activation by stealth, or my problem has absolutely no connection with 2 Step. I now have 4 Apps that used to work, but don't now, when they request validation of my LIVE ID. The first (password) part of the transaction is accepted, but a second verification is now necessary.
    Since my Apps and the MS library routines they are using time out and crash then I seem to have a new step being inserted at the server end that is not handled by the calling routines at my end.
    I have not heard back from MS helpdesk today, so presume it is a holiday there. I need them to identify why this extra step is being triggered, and then I need to let the App designers know why it is happening so they can trap it properly and handle the exception in an orderly manner. If nothing else they can display a FAQ response on their website if it is too much to change their App now. There are many others on this forum that appear to be suffering from this type of problem.
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    Resolution Found

    Apparently the problem is in IE, and occurs as a result of the upgrade fromWIN 8 to 8.1. The cure is to make sure that the Options page in IE Temporary files link is pointing to a valid folder on your PC. I used User/nnn/AppData/Local/Microsoft/windows/caches. Let the PC sort out moving the cache to the changed folder location, then it should clear things.
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XBOX Apps stopped working and in app access account fail
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