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Question for programmers/developers...

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    Question for programmers/developers...

    AFAIK... Most, if not all applications will have some major issue one time or another. This issue is addressed by the the company of the application in question in relatively short time frame. Except when it is not, case in point...

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 has high CPU utilization that pretty much makes the system sluggish and as such, unusable. This has been ongoing since mid-February with no fix in sight. The workaround is either to disable some of the protection, or roll back to Kaspersky Internet Security 2014. The Kaspersky forum topic on this subject had been ongoing, well since February, where tech support has promised a fix for this issue on a periodic basis. The last promised date of mid-May has passed, still no fix date, not even promising now, and evidently the forum moderator has gotten tired about people complaining. As such, he or she closed the topic to prevent further posting. Here's the link to the high CPU utilization thread...

    Question to programmers/developers..

    Is it really that hard to fix a high CPU utilization issue in the application? Especially for the size of Kaspersky that has the KIS 2014 that does not have this issue. The KIS 2016 is also in the wing, presumably does not have this issue, slated to be released in August this year.

    From my non-programmer view, shouldn't Kaspersky be able to patch KIS 2015 issue in light of pre and post versions not having this issue?

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    How fast an issue may be fixed depends on what is causing it.
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Question for programmers/developers...
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