In my corporate environment we have a few proprietary apps that have to run with UAC disabled to function properly. With Windows 7 we disable to UAC in the User management window, then go to the local security policy and set UAC: Admin Approval Mode to disabled and Run all admins in admin approval mode disabled.

Before we get into the discussion of how vulnerable this makes the computers I already know, but I'm a low guy on the totem pole and it was decided by network admins to do this.

Now I'm on the test pilot group to move our board members to windows based tablets, rather than have them carry laptops and ipads when they travel. Currently we're testing the Lenovo Helix 2. I've set the UAC same as Windows 7, but it won't allow me to install software that requires admin approval now under my account. I've added myself to the local Admin group, my domain account is also part of the global computer admin group, and as a test I was added into the Domain Admin group but the issue still persists.

I've stumped the rest of the service desk team with this issue as well as some of our more seasoned network and enterprise admins. What do we need to do in Win8.1 Enterprise 64bit to allow these programs to install?

I could turn UAC back on to install and turn it off again, but will it really be off? Will the software function with these UAC settings disabled in Win8.1 as it does with the same settings in Win7?