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external harddisk crashed after system restore - recover

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    external harddisk crashed after system restore - recover

    [not sure if this is teh right section of forum for this post, hope so]
    hi, my friend with windows 8.1 64bit has done a system restore with 2 external usb2 harddisks attached. all programs have been deleted and one of the external hdd's has 'crashed' - the other is fine. the crashed one has its driveletter turned into a small partition names 'restore' and the most part of the hdd as a no-driveletter raw partition. the second ext hdd was okay and retained readable data and driveletter.

    I have already tried restoring the crashed hdd with third party recovery software, but only a collection of flac audio's are readble after restoring tot the (spacey) internal c harddrive. the majority of mkv's avi's and dvd videos on the hdd are unreadble.

    My question is, as the original driveletter of the crashed external usb hdd is now one named 'recovery' , can this hdd (where i manually assigned a new driveletter to the data part of this crashed hdd, which is not readble, save by recovery sw)
    be more effectively restored somehow by windows recovery system itself?
    If so, how do i go about that task?
    (Windows 8.1 itself from inetrnal c drive runs okay, although i had to reinstall all the user installed software)
    I am an advanced windows 7 user but have not had much expierience with win8(.1) recovery useage.

    help would be nice.

    regards, RR
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external harddisk crashed after system restore - recover
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