Hey all,

My business installed an Eset antivirus suite on all computers. There are many computers, but two clients use the same exact type of computer. On one of these, a specific account performs just fine (fast even) until windows explorer or the start menu is used, then it freezes.

When I log in under my own account, this problem does not happen at all.

The programs installed on these computers of the same type sometimes differ, and one such program is called Box Sync. When I uninstalled the Eset suite, it mentioned Box sync used the same files, so am I sure I want to uninstall, etc.

Question: are there any known incompatibilities with ESET and other programs (antivirus programs excluded because it removes them), and would this Box Sync be one? I don't have time for in depth testing at the moment, but I will next week.

If you'd like to find out more or follow my progress (and possibly offer tips when I get started), please subscribe to this thread. If you have any advice now, it would be appreciated. Thank you for the guidance in advance!

*Edit - I will be visiting the ESET website for more info, and I discovered a troubleshooting tool that I'll be checking out: ESET :: Download :: Utilities :: Detail :: ESET SysInspector,,,