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Blocked site I can't get rid of!!!

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    Blocked site I can't get rid of!!!

    This computer is a Lenovo Ideapad only a few months old and running Windows 8.1

    Ever since I had it I have been unable to play Midi files on it, specifically choir part rehearsal files as found on a website called cyberbass. (My old laptop - which ran windows xp - had no problem with them.)

    Yesterday - very unwisely - I downloaded an app that was supposed to help me play these. It was a disaster! I've uninstalled it and I can't remember the name exactly (systemexe???) but it also seemed to load something called binkiland (!). I uninstalled that too BUT every time I try to open a new page, simply by pressing the home page icon, I get a big red message 'Harmful website blocked' and this is the address of it:

    codeword - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Search Results (it posts without the actual address but it's binkiland)
    D0Tzu0StCtCzztBtN1L2XzutAtFzytFyBtFtBtN1L1CzutCyEtBzytDyD1V1StN1L1G1B1V1N2Y1L1Qzu2StCyCzzyBzytCyDtAt GtDyEyC0AtGzyzztAyE
    tGtDyEyE0AtGtA0AyDtDtA0AyCtC0CzyyByC2QtN1M1F1B2Z1V1N2Y1L1Qzu2StCtCtBtDtCtB0A0AtGtD0B0AtAtGyEzz0C0AtG zyyEtBzztG0CtD

    Please, please can someone tell me how to get rid of this!

    (And btw I still can't listen to those midi files.)

    Many thanks!

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    here is a link to a removal guide for your browser hijacker Remove hijack (Virus Removal Guide)

    if you feel that your computer may still be infected by something, I recommend you go to Bleeping Computer, and open a thread in the Am I Infected? forum Am I infected? What do I do? Forum - . Bleeping Computer offers free help in malware removal by trained experts - just make sure you follow the forum rules in the malware removal forums or you will be ignored.

    I am not sure which browser you were using when you downloaded the program which infected you, but Chrome now aborts the downloads of a lot of bad installation programs. You might want to have Chrome installed for downloading purposes, even if it is not the browser you normally use.
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    Windows 8.1

    Thank you, yu gnomi!

    Wow. That was so helpful. Binkiland has gone. Thank you so much yu gnomi
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    You're welcome, I'm glad everything worked out.
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Blocked site I can't get rid of!!!
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