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Help in removing rootkit

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    windows 8.1

    Help in removing rootkit

    I just ran a rogue killer scan and it shows that I have a rootkit. I would appreciate any help in removing
    this. See report:



    RogueKiller V10.4.1.0 (x64) [Feb 19 2015] by Adlice Software
    mail : Contact
    Feedback : Adlice forum
    Website : RogueKiller download
    Blog : Adlice Software - malware analysis
    Operating System : Windows 8.1 (6.3.9600 ) 64 bits version
    Started in : Safe mode with network support
    User : Karen [Administrator]
    Mode : Delete -- Date : 02/22/2015 07:07:12
    Processes : 0
    Registry : 0
    Tasks : 0
    Files : 0
    Hosts File : 1
    [C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\hosts] localhost
    Antirootkit : 1 (Driver: Not loaded [0xc000035f])
    [IAT:Addr(Hook.IEAT)] (iexplore.exe @ wow64.dll) ntdll.dll - memcpy : C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE @ 0x11038d0
    Web browsers : 0
    MBR Check :
    +++++ PhysicalDrive0: ST500LM012 HN-M5 SATA Disk Device +++++
    --- User ---
    [MBR] 7ea2c00f60c9dbfb7304f609c967be1e
    [BSP] 5246beb6805e95d217c41c2452eedadd : Empty MBR Code
    Partition table:
    0 - [SYSTEM][MAN-MOUNT] Basic data partition | Offset (sectors): 2048 | Size: 300 MB
    1 - [MAN-MOUNT] EFI system partition | Offset (sectors): 616448 | Size: 100 MB
    2 - [MAN-MOUNT] Microsoft reserved partition | Offset (sectors): 821248 | Size: 128 MB
    3 - Basic data partition | Offset (sectors): 1083392 | Size: 475961 MB
    4 - [SYSTEM][MAN-MOUNT] | Offset (sectors): 975851520 | Size: 450 MB
    User = LL1 ... OK
    User = LL2 ... OK

    RKreport_DEL_02162015_124609.log - RKreport_DEL_02192015_034046.log - RKreport_DEL_02192015_035043.log - RKreport_DEL_02192015_114150.log
    RKreport_SCN_02162015_124134.log - RKreport_SCN_02192015_033604.log - RKreport_SCN_02192015_034900.log - RKreport_SCN_02192015_113451.log
    RKreport_SCN_02202015_213834.log - RKreport_SCN_02222015_070618.log

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    windows 8.1 Update 1 Pro 64bit

    Have you ran a rootkit remover such as TDSSKiller Free, see here:
    Kaspersky TDSSKiller Download - TechSpot
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    I would not go by one software scan, use several different ones to ensure you do not have false positives.
    Try each of the following to ensure infection.
    TDSSKiller Free Download | Rootkit Remova | Kaspersky Lab US
    Free Anti Rootkit Tool | Rootkit Detection and Removal | Sophos Virus Removal
    Rootkit Remover | Bitdefender Labs
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    windows 8.1

    I have tried them all.
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    windows 8.1 Update 1 Pro 64bit

    If you are not getting any rootkit reports from all the scans you've tried it is possible that RogueKiller has already cleaned it out for you.
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    If you are still concerned about this, I recommend you go to bleeping computer, join that site and open a topic in the "Am I infected?" forum. People there will help you for free, and are quite knowledgeable about malware.

    Am I infected? What do I do? Forum -
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    If you want to see if there is indeed a rootkit hiding on you drive, then you need to look at it with GParted. This is a bootable partition manager that will allow you to see the contents of your drive, including any hidden partitions.

    Rootkits generally cloak themselves from Windows disk management. This application will show the entire contents of the disk.

    GParted -- A free application for graphically managing disk device partitions

    D/L GParted, select the medium you wish to use & run it at boot time. Any rootkit will show up, usually at the end of the drive, as a hidden boot partition between 1 to 10 MB depending on the variant. If such an item is present, you have confirmation & can take steps to remove it.
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Help in removing rootkit
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