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Help with getting less UAC like restrictions from Win8.1

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

    Help with getting less UAC like restrictions from Win8.1

    I am new to this SO.
    And I have noticed some things about it's usability that are bothering me, compared with previous SO's.
    I was not successful finding the information I need.
    Here they are :
    [1] Setting UAC to the lowest level does not seem to completely turn it off ( it still asks me permissions on renaming files, for example)
    [2] Programs are not allowed to delete or create files through their automatic actions ( software no.1 extract data from media files and saves it on it's on, now it does not do that anymore, software no.2 does not delete it's project files anymore)

    What should I do?

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    Network Security: Preventing Disaster with User Account Control

    Why You Should Never Turn Off UAC

    If you want to keep the security of your system at decent levels, you should never turn off UAC. When you disable it, everything and everyone can make system changes without your consent. This makes it easier for all kinds of malware to infect and take control of your system. It doesn’t matter whether you have a security suite or antivirus installed or third-party antivirus, basic common-sense measures like having UAC turned on make a big difference in keeping your devices safe from harm.
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    Good information, genet, but has nothing to do with the OP's question. Not saying everybody should turn it off, but I for one find UAC to be the most annoying piece of nagware ever. Literally the first thing I did to my new laptop was set it to Never Notify.

    To the OP: I'm not sure there's an easy way (or any at all) to completely and totally disable or remove UAC. If there is, I'd sure like to know as well.
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    To completely disable UAC, use the Built-in Administrator account as your primary account. You would have to say goodbye to Windows Metro Apps though.

    Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
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    I would strongly advise against using the built-in Admin account -- as when you do that, everything will be executing in priviledged mode -- including any malware and/or viruses that you contract.

    There's a good reason MS decided to make changes with recent Windows versions so that you do not, by default, login as the built-in Admin anymore -- to prevent malare and viruses from destroying your system!
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    Windows 8.1 with Bing x64

    If one uses the Admin account as a normal account you've lost a 'back door' to your computer in the event of something going wrong because you are already using it and any damage will happen there. I have mine showing but only use it if there is a problem with my normal account or I need that level of privelege.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

    Well, I agree for it's protection against unwanted intrusions and malware.
    But I can not like the fact that it restricts me in my actions and it messes the way some of the non-malware software I use works ( it seems to be about the access permissions to files and folders).

    A restart seemed to solved to problem for while (software worked fine), but then it reversed to the described restrictions all of the sudden.Another restart didn't fix the problem, my (specific) software still does not work properly.

    The renaming restriction seems to be random, it does not ask for permission for every file I try to rename, just for some, and none of the are system files or executables ( media or text files)
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

    Another problem that I noticed now is that it does not randomly allow me to extract archive contents on some of the drives.
    This seems to be related to 7zip software that I use, but it only appears in some of the folders.
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Help with getting less UAC like restrictions from Win8.1
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