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Is Windows Defender enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shotta287 View Post
    So I decided to ditch Avira and use Defender.Personally I don't have Windows Update turned on and as you may know Defender then won't auto update its definition files but I've found a way to get past that over here.
    You don't really need to have Auto Update on. With the Action Center you get warned when Defender needs to be updated, and then it's your choice to manually do so. From my experience, Action Center warns you after the signatures are around 1 week old or more, which I'm fine with. Click on the flag and Defender updates in a few seconds.

    And to your original question, yes MS Defender is more than enough for most people. And it is the lightest AV solution with a very low memory and CPU footprint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caperjack View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by shotta287 View Post
    I've always had the impression windows downloads useless updates like C+ distributable or similar stuff, that over time bogs down your computer haha, not to mention the 'windows is configuring updates, don't turn off your computer' crap
    A lot of misinformation or maybe confusion on your part about what updates are.

    First windows won't update something that isn't already present on your system (unless you choose the optional ones), so if it updates distributables then it is not useless. They were installed for a reason, some of your software use it, if they have bugs or some exploits have been detected it stands to reason that you will definitely benefit from the update.

    Second, updates most of the time don't add to your system but replace some parts of it like DLLs and such so no it won't "bog down" over time. If your HDD space is strained then you can always use the Disk Cleanup tool built-in windows that can delete old uninstall files from updates, doing that regularly you should see only minimal increases of the space taken by the OS. What could "bog down" your PC are the 3rd party applications that you installed yourself which can become bloated over time.

    Third, since you are concerned with virus and malware, be aware that the main way for malware to spread to your system is by using known exploits which, if you don't update, remained unpatched, making your system much less secure than a frequently updated one. Anti-Viruses cure (more or less) malware already present on your system, but updates (security/critical ones) prevent them from happening in the first place !
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    and the c++ distributable are determined by and need by older software you have on the computer ,so Microsoft is doing you a favor there
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    Good security has multiple layers. A good AV product offers one level of protection but it alone is not good enough. Modern malware has become quite good at evading the very best AV products with the latest definitions. AV suppliers are well aware of this.

    Keeping your OS up to date provides another layer of protection. AV suppliers have said on numerous occasions how important this is. Microsoft has devoted an enormous amount of effort into developing updates and ensuring that they install without problems. But when we consider the many millions of computers receiving these updates it is inevitable that some small percentage will have problems. Even a very small percentage will equate to large numbers of users, some of whom will be very vocal about their problems. In many cases the problems are not due to the update at all but to third party applications, malware, or preexisting issues.

    My experience with Windows Update over some 16 years and multiple operating systems has been almost universally positive.

    Is Windows defender (or any other AV product) enough, without keeping your system up to date?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shotta287 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Nuccii View Post
    That's one way to do it. Why don't you want the normal updates, they are for the security of your system?
    I've always had the impression windows downloads useless updates like C+ distributable or similar stuff, that over time bogs down your computer haha, not to mention the 'windows is configuring updates, don't turn off your computer' crap
    I'd serious reconsider your approach. Updates are mostly there for security and stability. My experience with Windows 8 as far as "Windows is configuring updates, please wait" has been MUCH better than Windows 7 or Vista.

    Don't second guess security. They build and distribute these updates for a reason. By all means, run them. Very first thing I do when I deploy a new computer at work is run Windows update and get it caught up.
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    Some great replies guys, in fact you've managed to change my mind! I'm going to start using Update from weekend onwards. I've accumulated 38 important updates which are 592MB. I'm going to let my laptop run all day on Saturday to download andi install them haha.
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    Yeah, love the updates sometimes. I just laid down a Windows 7 Enterprise Image with Office 2010 that I made in Jan of 2014. Ran Windows Updates and it needed 2.5GB worth of updates...nearly 2GB of them were for Office 2010.
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    I use Windows Defender and MalwareBytes Premium on all of my Win 8.1 devices at home....
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    You may find some useful info here---

    Microsoft Internet Safety and Security Center

    A picture to consider---
    {I run this tool every so often}

    Click image for larger version

    I don't use Defender.{Avast}

    But Defender is there if I ever need to activate it.

    My latest scans---

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    Hi there.

    For INDIVIDUALS (not corporate or enterprise situations) Security software is probably HUGELY overblown in importance these days - most security breaches come from SCAMS and poor computer usage which any sort of Software is powerless to defend against.

    For instance if you receive an email saying "Your Order has been placed and will be shipped on xxxxx" and you get a link to click to get the order status and details - then unless you know and are 100% sure you REALLY DID order the product from that particular supplier then clicking on the link will just be asking for trouble. AV software can't help you here.

    Fake websites like UK HMRC ("Income Tax office") suggesting that you are entitled to a refund - please enter details about yourself - such as Bank account etc or sites wanting you to verify passwords / user details are another area where malicious damage can be done and no AV software will help you here either.

    Websites where you have to go through a total minefield of false green arrows etc to find the download you want and even then the download needs to be checked very carefully otherwise you will install programs you don't want together with 10 zillion toolbars etc are another source of major scamming and here again as some of these are quite "legit" albeit annoying programs - no AV software will help you here either.

    Windows defender is about as good (or as bad) as any of the others - if any of them were 100% effective then this whole section on the forum would be entirely redundant.

    USER behaviour on the Internet is more likely to cause problems since the latest scams are not really solvable by SOFTWARE. The days of sub teens messing around writing Viruses just for the fun of it and to cause a bit of panic are long since gone -- people have moved over to much more profitable money making scams which are very difficult if not impossible to defend against via purely software.

    Note this whole post is concerned with INDIVIDUALS, - Corporates still need robust security systems in place - there's still loads of people out their who might have grudges against certain companies so they will try and bring down their systems by Dos (denial of Service) attacks, data theft, industrial espionage etc etc.

    For an Individual simply leave Windows defender in place, and USE THE INTERNET SAFELY - ESPECIALLY EMAIL AND SOCIAL MEDIA. Also ensure you have a decent clean backup of your OS in place BEFORE installing any sort of software so you can restore afterwards.

    I don't trust any AV cleansing software - I'd always restore a clean OS image.

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Is Windows Defender enough?
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