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Symantec folds nine Norton products into one service

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    Symantec folds nine Norton products into one service

    Symantec folds nine Norton products into one service - Computerworld

    Symantec will consolidate its cluttered Norton line of security software, folding nine products into one online service that can be used across desktop computers and mobile devices. The product, in beta now, will simply be called "Norton Security" and cost $79 a year when it goes on sale in North America on Sept. 23, said Gerry Egan, senior director of product management. It replaces Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus and Norton360, among others.

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    Too resource heavy.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by azasadny View Post
    Too resource heavy.....
    So true but remains to be seen what the, ahem, "overhaul" would be like, they may surprise us though doubtful.
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    I'll beta test the product and report my findings here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by azasadny View Post
    Too resource heavy.....
    True! I used Norton 360 and my notebook ran so slow I had to uninstall. Hope they make a product that isn't so resource heavy.
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    Hi there

    Why on Earth do you need ANY Norton product on Windows 8 / 8.1 - Windows defender is just as good and infinitely resource less hoggy.

    The days of some of these AV companies as far as INDIVIDUALS is concerned is OVER -- (Corporates - another issue entirely).

    Malvertisements which can't readily be detected and a lot of other types of computer irritants can basically only be blocked by VERY CAREFUL USER use - software is sometimes completely ineffective against these types of attacks.

    Also what about THIS type of Scam - screenshot shown below.

    Email purporting to supply me with something never ordered -- also with an ARJ (Old type of archive) which if you were to open it - Money GONE !!!! - Phone nr also a SCAM - if you were to ring it - you are then marked as an easy target for future scams. !!!

    People rabbit endlessly on about Computer Viruses -- they are really af TRIVIAL irritation these days - it's Scams like this that are becoming more the real problem which won't be solved by software. People have moved into MONEY grabbing ventures rather than just working on Viruses. They haven't completely disappeared but their importance is much less of a worry these days than other more difficult to handle SCAMS.

    Most of the problems are also when downloading stuff the download is so hidden amongst confusing links, green arrows, special offers download managers of which iLIVID seems to be everywhere, bad website links, fake websites, malvertisements and popups.

    Even Torrents are "relatively safe" - or at least music / video files - any nasties can't be embedded into mp3 / mkv / mp4 / flac files etc - the music / video player would either not play or just treat them as noise and ignore them -- don't download rar, zip. exe type files.

    The whole computer security industry needs to get away from software and ex hackers / geeks and approach the issue from the USER side -- how to recognize and avoid scams, how to use the internet safely and NEVER to give out too much info including passwords etc to ANYBODY but especially on Social media.

    It's absolutely AMAZING how many parents give out their passwords to young kids who probably are more computer literate than they are.

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Symantec folds nine Norton products into one service
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