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Good News for Malewarebytes

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    Good News for Malewarebytes

    AV-Test just released a test of AV programs on cleaning infected systems. Malewarebytes Free scored 100%

    AV-TEST | 17 software packages in a repair performance test after malware attacks | Comparative tests of antivirus software for Windows and reviews of anti-malware Apps for Android

    Can antivirus software packages or recovery/clean-up tools completely clean and repair a Windows system after a virus infection? Lab experts at AV-TEST resolved this question in an extremely comprehensive ten-month endurance test. The result: Yes, they can!

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    They're going to need all the good news they can get after V2014.07.26.09

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    I use MalwareBytes a lot and it ALWAYS finds the malware and removes it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nommy the first View Post
    They're going to need all the good news they can get after V2014.07.26.09

    According to MB there were only a hand full of affected system so the vast majority of users probably don't know anything about it and just keep on using it as it does a good job.

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    We just had a false positive with Symantec Endpoint Protection and several years ago we had 2000 BSOD's from a bad McAfee update, so it happens...
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    AV-TEST | AV-TEST AWARD 2014 | Comparative tests of antivirus software for Windows and reviews of anti-malware Apps for Android

    The best antivirus software in terms of repair: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

    In the test group of 10 antivirus software packages, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free achieved an absolutely flawless performance. The software detected all the test samples, neutralized all active components, deleted superfluous data and thus repaired all the damage. After all 60 test scenarios, the antivirus application consistently rendered the Windows system absolutely clean. AV-TEST honored this performance with the BEST REPAIR 2014 AWARD.
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    It's good to see that the two suggested programs I give to clients were mentioned as suggestions.

    1) Malwarebytes FREE ( if not pay the extra for PRO as it's worth it )
    2) Kaspersky (not a fan of it myself but still highly reliable )
    3) You hear good stuff about Essentials still, while you are always finding bad reports about it as well but I still suggest it if they want a free one besides Malwarebytes.

    I think the article was fairly accurate. I have used bitdefender in the past but I wasn't overly impressed about it but maybe it has improved since then.


    I don't know this 100% but I thought I had heard somebody say once viruses were always evolving so how can they really test to see if all components have been removed?
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    Good advice here!
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    The trouble with Malwarebytes Free is that after the trial period, the interface itself is threatening:

    Click image for larger version

    This seems to threaten in a bold red block that the (only) course of action open to the user is to buy the premium version, and worse, that the license is no longer valid - an implied unlawful use. Also that the user is no longer protected in real time.

    None of which is true.

    Of course users can carry on using the free version but not without the nag screen.

    Either their Free version is "Free" or a timed out trial, not a threat to make the user pay up. Yet the first sight that greets the potential user is the face presented to the search engines, e.g. from Google:

    Malwarebytes | Free Anti-Malware & Internet Security Software

    Malwarebytes builds industry-leading anti-malware and internet security software to keep you safe from today's online threats.


    Your download should begin shortly. If it does not, please ...


    Update to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0. Stronger, smarter ...

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

    Malwarebytes free anti-malware software uses industry-leading ...

    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium crushes these threats ...


    Free Trial - Malwarebytes | Chameleon - StartUpLITE - ...


    Support - Malwarebytes PUP Criteria - Careers - ...

    This is a "dark pattern" - a deliberate misdirection on behalf of Malwarebytes to change the original advertised perception of a "Free" product to that of an unlicensed, out-of-date, non-functional trial. Software Updates | Dark Patterns - User Interfaces Designed to Trick People

    In many ways, exactly the same tactics that many Malwares use.
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    Indeed man, it is the style of lying, that Iobit and Comodo does. For the record, almost all of tested cleaned the system, some just left a few harmless files left, because of that, they did not get 100%. It is also worth mentioning, that they tested only 60 samples out of millions, so lets not get too excited about it. I myself do not like MBAM (something shady there), I usually recommend Kaspersky or Emsisoft, both free and portable, since malware tends to prevent installation of removal tools, though sometimes even portable execution.
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Good News for Malewarebytes
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