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Does free Comodo Firewall contain an anti-virus?

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    Does free Comodo Firewall contain an anti-virus?

    Now I know many of you will say there is no need for a firewall that will replace Ms's own one in Windows 8.1 and yes, I agree with you. But I wanted someting a bit more visually appealing and engaging. Plus I like experimenting with new software

    Anyhoo it's not a problem but after a week I noticed that Security Centre was flashing messages at me that anti-virus protection was switched off. I currently use Avast which of course disables Defender. It listed Avast, Defender and Comodo as all switched off. I was able to activate Defender and I am now receiving updates for it.

    Avast runs as a on demand scanner much in the same way as Malewarebytes. I can see that I have to update definitions manually.

    So looking more closely at Comodo, all I have is a shortcut to Firewall (MS one is switched off) on my desktop but looking at the directories I can see that the folder is called Security which implies an anti-virus. It does have a scanner but if that is an anti-virus then it's rubbish

    I'm happy with Defender as my principal defence even though Avast would be my first choice but annoyed that Comodo would sneak in something that is totally unwanted and conflicts with my chosen setup. This is beginning to sound more like a rant but I hate being duped.

    And ps, my cpu is not up to virtulisation but it's interesting to see that I have a virtual desktop with Comodo. Don't know what to use it for as my browsing is limited but I'm always open to suggestions

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    I dislike the free one ( and I vaguely recall it's a trial? )

    Comodo Antivirus 2014 | Download Free Antivirus for Virus Protection

    I have heard good things though about the PRO version.

    As for the virtual part. A lot of people will use virtual desktops as their safe haven for banking online as it doesn't save no history or cookies to the computer/program.
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    Have you installed Comodo Firewall or Comodo Internet Security ?
    Anyway Comodo AV is very basic, Comodo heavily relies on its HIPS .
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    Does free Comodo Firewall contain an anti-virus?

    The free version of Comodo Firewall does not include AV protection. There is a separate AV product. There is also a product that incorporates both but it is not free. I don't know how good they are.
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    Comodo Internet Security is free, not that I would recommened Comodo at all, I dislike them.
    I would recommend Private Firewall free instead + some free cloud AV, like Bitdefender, Panda, Qihoo.
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    Sorry for being so long to get back to this and thanks for your replies.

    I assumed it was the free firewall. Following on from your link to the site, I had clicked on the free firewall rather than the internet security but despite the lack of evidence when it comes to desktop shortcuts the av is installed. I checked my C drive and I found Dragon as a 32bit programme and Geek Buddy and Internet Security as a 64bit install. So, very sneaky, not what the doctor ordered.

    I dislike the free one as well. I have absolutely no idea what the scan module is trying to tell me.

    It does look like I've got a free version of firewall combined with some sort of crappy av. All depends on what a rating scan is and if its not an av, why did Comodo become the default av system as per security centre.

    Interesting results from it all though. Defender is now alive and kicking with updates from MS and Avast still receives automatic updates. Following on from David Bailey's topic "Anti-virus tests - free" Antivirus tests-- free

    Avast had flown trough all the tests 100%. With my new set-up the intrusions were picked up by:
    1. Avast
    2. Avast
    3. Comodo
    4. Avast
    5. Avast

    Avast is obviously alive and well in the background (except for no. 3). Just checked Defender and it looks like its switched off again - the other night it was picking up items on the test. I've checked security centre and Avast appears to have switched off Defender and Comodo - hurray but number 3 on the test?? I guess my little tick box in Avast must have gone awol.

    Moral of the story, Avast rules Found the tick box and Avast won't even let the PUP file download whereas Comodo did and then blocked it.

    If the Av is this bad, how bad is the firewall??
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Does free Comodo Firewall contain an anti-virus?
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