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MEGA GRIPE witn AVAST - installs CHROME as well Grrh!!!!

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    I also dislike searching and downloading some of these free applications as they assault you with a myriad of links for other crap and you have to click around to find what you actually want.

    With anything, you have to be extremely careful when installing. You have to read the prompts, you have to uncheck the boxes, you should click on Customize install and you should check the Add/Remove programs box when done to be sure that nothing else has made itself into the list (fortunately you can sort this by date).

    I too don't buy much software....most of the free stuff gets the job done for me. I've purchased Acronis for backups in the past, I currently use Paragon. I've also purchased Sony Vegas HD Studio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Well, I've given Baidu AV a try - and it has so far given 3 notices that it has trapped infections in as many days. I am not used to getting antivirus warnings based on my web behaviour over the last 10 years, on XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8, with AVs as diverse as MSE, AVG, AVIRA, AVAST and Comodo.

    So - either I have entered a new phase of living dangerously, or Baidu AV throws up false negatives - time will tell! (one of these was a reported worm in the Crucial Memory Scanner for XP - from the Crucial UK site - can anyone else confirm or refute this?)

    OTOH my newly installed XP installation on a 9-Y-Old Desktop which I intend to use as a media server, and using a suite of Baidu free products, I have obtained consistent sub-40 second boot times, so I am impressed with the ability to shave off useless features and memory hogs. It is faster than any boot-up times from HD than Windows 7 or 8 on more recent hardware that I have.
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MEGA GRIPE witn AVAST - installs CHROME as well Grrh!!!!
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