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3 viruses detected

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    3 viruses detected

    Hello all,

    I have 3 viruses detected on my last full PC scan which was moments ago.
    Viruses and Trojans Quarantined: Artemis!7F706C6E8821
    ^ This code cannot be found on the Mcafee website.
    ^ This code was given when the scan was finished, this is the code for the trojan, virus I have?

    Can anyone help?

    - Computer Virus Attacks, Information, News, Security, Detection and Removal | McAfee

    Threat not found.

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    If Mcafee has quarantined the virus, fine. I would also download and run Malwarebytes (Free) and TDSSKiller and AdwCleaner to be sure.
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    Nothing serious I don't think.
    It's all showing Steam games, which I highly doubt are viruses, trojans?

    Click image for larger version
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    It also could be marked as suspicious by Mcafee and since they are not sure they quarantined it until they know for sure, a false positive perhaps. There are various strains of the Artemus virus, rest assured they will look into it.
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    Hi there.

    Mcafee is popularly known as "MAC AWEFUL" -- almost anything is better than that.

    Personally I'd uninstall the lot of these 3rd part AV softwares and just use Windows 8.1 built in security --it's as good (or as bad) depending on your point of view as anything else and has the least system overhead of any of the other stuff.

    Steam games should be OK unless you downloaded from Torrents or other "dubious sources". - Then you are on your own.

    The problem with ANY AV software is that sometimes false positives are reported -- which makes IMO the whole process just totally useless and time consuming. You've then got to analyse the false positive - etc etc and if you run say 3 different programs you'll probably get 3 different answers.

    I personally just trust Windows defender (not to be confused with the Windows defender on W7 - very different) operating in Real time mode and can honestly say I've never had a Virus or Malware on any of my machines.

    If I did get a virus I'd restore from a clean backup -I'd never trust using an infected computer to repair itself using "cleansing software" - you can't be certain that the program has done its job even if it DOES report success.

    Viruses (AND MUCH WORSE) are more likely to come from poor user practices - such as opening up email attachments from unknown people, replying to "fake websites" and giving out too much data on social media rather than from playing STEAM games etc.

    If you are currently in the UK there's a FAKE "Govt" website looking like the official "Income Tax" (HMRC) site - and it starts by saying you are entitled to an income tax refund - please click. Well if you click -- that's your Bank account emptied and all sorts of other horrors - but people fall into this trap so easily. I'm sure in other countries these sorts of sites exist too. It's not just a UK problem.

    NO AV SOFTWARE can prevent you from falling into those types of scams -- these are much more problematic than some "classical Virus attacks" these days because there's big money to be made by the scam perpetuators.

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    You can always submit the files in question to VirusTotal.

    NOTE: Maximum file size: 64MB
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    False positives are a hassle but they're better than a false negative... Some perceived threats are flagged because the "reputation score" is lower then the threshold used by the AV product. After a higher reputation score has been achieved, the item will no longer be flagged as suspicious...
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3 viruses detected
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