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What's the worst ad/spy/mal ware or virus you've seen

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    What's the worst ad/spy/mal ware or virus you've seen

    Hi there

    Ignoring Ransomware which fortunately I haven't had what's the WORST piece of ad/cr@p/mal / ware or virus you've had to deal with.

    My worst one was trying to get rid of BUBBLEDOCK on a colleagues computer -- this would popup zillions of windows without allowing you to do very much on the computer. Traces of this were so deep into the computer that "classical virus removal" didn't work -- even sophisticated Virus removal which flagged it as removed didn't get rid of it completely/ - I just re-formatted and re-installed windows. That must be the WORST piece of software I've ever seen. It didn't damage any data but it was a pain to deal with.

    Here's a description -- don't bother with the removal part of the article though.

    Bubble Dock or a variant of Win32/BubbleDock.A Removal Report


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    'Tripped' over some nasty 'installware' a while back.
    I sat helplessly watching my computer go nuts! (wish I could have recorded it, was a real hoot!)
    Checked my power and connection, then out came the clean install stick and product key!
    It was crazy!
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    Blaster in XP. It restarted PC in 60 seconds after startup. What is the worst, I did clean install 3 times a in row and I was still getting infected through the network, before Windows Updates could be downloaded.
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    I've actually been pretty lucky (knock on wood). I've had a few viruses and a couple trojans over the years. Nothing that Spybot/Adaware couldn't handle. The most interesting one was a dialer that was stuffed at me. It took about 20 seconds of the page being open for it to install and about 10 more seconds for it to 'connect'. I couldn't get the mouse from the middle of the screen to the tray, right click Zone Alarm and "lock".

    It connected me to some porn site. I closed the browser and cleaned. No big problem, or so I thought. About a week later, I got a letter stating that I owed said porn site $30. I ignored it. A week later another letter showed up, threatening 'action'. I was royally pissed. They were nice enough to have a phone number in the letter. I called and told them that if they EVER contacted me again, the State Attorney General would get a call from me. Never heard from them again.

    How did they get my name/address? Thanks AT&T. No wonder I dropped them.
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    Hmmm... Personally, I haven't had to deal with anything too nasty on my systems that I can recall. But other peoples', oh yeah! The last actual time I had a virus was from a hard drive I was scanning and somehow the virus jumped over to my system drive and almost ran me down! Had to do boot to safe mode, do a virus scan on my WHOLE system and remove said offending code.

    Mainly though, I've seen quite a few pieces of malware that block access to EVERY system feature of Windows, like Task Manager, Control Panel, msconfig, everything. Usually the internet browsers that were installed were also affected and couldn't connect. Those are pretty annoying though.

    I have however, known of someone that got hit with the cryptolocker virus this past year. Crazy stuff, girl lost all of her data.
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    Believe or not, but my worst nightmare was Babylon, I tried Babylon as a translating program which was not bad but after I uninstalled the program that "extra" part took few days to get rid of. Had NOD32 for a while and it used to squeal like a pig many times a day and 99% of warnings were false positives. Avast is doing a good job for me for awhile now but weekly checks with it, Mbam and few others rarely find something worse than PUPs here and there.
    I do read everything I see when downloading and installing stuff, watch where and what I'm downloading and pay attention if browser warns me about certain sites.
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    I once had a Virus that attached itself to McAfee and ran it's 'delete files without prompt' routine - It deleted most of my Word docs IIRC...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superfly View Post
    I once had a Virus that attached itself to McAfee and ran it's 'delete files without prompt' routine - It deleted most of my Word docs IIRC...
    Good old McAfee, you can always count on it.....
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    I encountered one and I don't recall its name... but it played audio advertising on the PC and nothing would stop it. I had to go to the "nuclear option" and reload Windows from scratch to get rid of it for good...
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    Also, iTunes!!
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What's the worst ad/spy/mal ware or virus you've seen
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