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A Lot of Google Chrome Processes on at a Time

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    Well, when I clean computers, getting rid of Norton junk itself solve many problems, miraculously.

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    Odd, but nonetheless, glad you got it sorted. Be sure to mark the thread as solved if your not having any more problems.
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    Having a lot of chrome.exe open is not a virus.

    In Fact chrome does that by default and also you will have a chrome.exe per addon you have enabled as well so disable all your addons and u will see quite a few less chrome.exe in task manager.

    It also creates a new process chrome.exe per tab that you have open as well.
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    Guys, i gotta reply, so its like so: Extensions. Every extension runs in an own process, if you go ahead and uninstall all extensions you have in chrome, and disable flash/shockwave youll see that you only have 2-3 processes left that are nessesary
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A Lot of Google Chrome Processes on at a Time
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