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Windows Defender - Can I rest at ease

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    No, you may not "rest at ease", even if you had all and best AVs in the world. Due vigilance on internet can do much more.
    Very true. It is impossible to have a "up to date catch all" AV simply because of all the different malware being released into the wild at any given time.

    When a new malware version is released, the AV scanners may not recognize it since it is brand new. The malware must first be identified, then samples submitted to the AV companies.

    From that point, the companies must analyze the code, find a way to neutralize it & then issue definition updates. The analytical process of the malware can take anywhere from several hours to several days, depending on the complexity. Meanwhile, the new malware is spreading.

    Once a cure is found, the updated definitions/fixes have to be issued to users. Since this may take some time also, more time is allowed for the malware to spread. All in all, anytime a new malware variant comes out, it takes time to find the fix. So even if your AV definitions are up to date, they may not guard against the new malware strain released just 5 minutes ago.

    Vigilance is something that needs to be maintained nowadays if you want to keep your PC virus free. And even that isn't enough sometimes....
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    Truthfully spoken, online life is not much different than real life where even with all the guards and security measures even presidents get assassinated. Sitting behind the screen and keyboard you may seem protected enough but must not forget that there are many people that do that too but are hell-bent to do you harm even without apparent reason or rime. They are in the same world as you but armed much better.
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    I seem to have very few problems surfing on line. If you avoid certain places, many of your issues just go away. Don't click on the links to see the latest nude celebrity, don't jump at the chance to get your free copy of Adobe Photoshop. Honestly, when you avoid a lot of that kind of stuff, problems tend to be fewer and farther between. Not saying a simply drive by style attack cannot happen at a random trusted site, but it's less likely than the aforementioned things.
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    Also, triple care when downloading stuff and popups turned off.
    Also : Goodbye Microsoft Security Essentials: Microsoft Now Recommends You Use a Third-Party Antivirus
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    It was always meant as a basic tool. Plus, if it was a "great" tool, the third parties would complain that MS is a monopoly and not giving them a chance in this market space.
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    I've been using WD and Malwarebytes Pro with no issues at all. I like MBP because anything with opencandy is always detected before install starts and it can be quarantined (installing PowerISO for instance). Avast! always seemed to slow my computer up

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMGrier View Post
    Personally I think any major brand paid version of Anti-Virus will always do better, that is what you pay for.
    Actually free brands perform better than most paid brands. Currently 360 Safe and Panda Cloud are top.
    Unless meant for a company, paying for it is waste of money: Probably the Best Free Security List
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Windows Defender - Can I rest at ease
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