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Who is tracking you thru your travels on Internet.

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    Who is tracking you thru your travels on Internet.

    Ever wander how it happens that you get adds almost tailored to your interests ?. How can they send you mail and address you by your name ?. Well looks like you are of interest to many that you are not interested in, or even don't know about them. Even If looks like it stops at advertising, who and what else is after you.
    Interesting place: Opt Out From Online Behavioral Advertising By Participating Companies (BETA) it even has an "Opt out" that should make some of those places forget about you.
    Give it a try, I got 116 hits.

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    Couldn't run it as I have opted out from receiving 3rd party cookies along with a few add-0nns to Firefox to kill LSO cookies on exit. Must try it on ie to see if I get the same results. Don't get any adds tailored to my requirements or even spam emails so I'm feeling kind of lonely and unloved
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    Nice find. I have 3rd party cookies enabled, otherwise it would break some webpages, but they get deleted within 5 minutes after leaving, so it reported 17, but in reality I have got only 2. I am not surprised by Facebook, I have it allowed in Ghostery, but I wonder about Microsoft, probably because of some webpages I have allowed containing its cookies.
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    Got 116 hits but their status was unavailable. I have to accept 3rd party cookies or Last Pass won't work.
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    traffic.outbrain tracks

    They say it's not a virus. It's just a uninvited program taking up pc resources like air is free or something. Look up traffic.outbrain
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    Hi there

    Just use the TOR network.

    Job Done --Q.E.D

    (I believe "The Ruskies" have got a decent reward for someone to HACK the TOR system -- not easy !! and nobody's done it yet -- it's good enough to keep those Ads from basic commercial companies away).

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    In chrome you can selectively allow 3rd party cookies.

    Settings - Advanced Settings - Content Settings button -

    Under cookies enable "Block Third Party Cookies".

    To allow selective cookies, click on "Manage exceptions", enter the domain name or wildcard pattern, and click "allow".
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    It seems foolish to allow cookies on your machine specifically to "opt-out" from advertisers who are shown to regularly use malware in their ads. Worse still, to make you open up your system to receive 3rd party cookies seems like madness.

    Google behavioural opt out and you will find dozens of sites specifically asking you to let them add cookies for your browser to opt-out from seeing any of their client ads. Effectively, this is hundreds of cookies for each browser you use. Who knows how many of these cookies are crafted with ill-intent?

    Once you do get a bad cookie that lets a raft of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) into your system, things begin to slow down, until eventually you have to run an anti-malware scanner like MalwareBytes to clean your registry and system of the trackers and for good measure, you run a cleaner like CCleaner to get rid of the rubbish on your system and in the registry - including wiping all your cookies, then you start again, entering passwords for your forums etc.

    Shun these cookies. Do not waste your time, and carry on blocking 3rd party cookies.

    I have contacted get their opinions on this potentially sinister and cynical tactic.
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Who is tracking you thru your travels on Internet.
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