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Windows Firewall Service Doesn't Start Automatically

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    Windows Firewall Service Doesn't Start Automatically

    Howdy folks,

    When I boot my computer I have to start the Windows Firewall service manually by opening services, otherwise I won't be able to perform any local networking actions.

    The service is set to Automatic, yet doesn't run until I click "start service"

    The Base Filtering Engine Service is automatic and runs fine.

    The Remote Procedure Call is also automatic and runs fine.

    Anyone have any advice on how I can get Windows Firewall to actually...y'know start running when it's set to be automatic?

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    Is Windows Firewall your only firewall? and are you using Windows Defender or another AV ?
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    Windows Defender's "real time protection" is on.

    Other than that there are no other AV's or firewalls
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    This could be an infected machine(true not a very smart virus if it still allows you to manually turn on the service... ) so I don't know if I would even consider a virus actually..hmm..

    do sfc /scannow and lets see if anything is corrupted. This is done by going to a command prompt and typing that in. IN Windows 8 make sure to run the prompt as an administrator and be advised the scan will take a while.
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    Windows 8 Enterprise

    Results of sfc /scannow were normal:

    "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations"
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    Do you have any antivirus running? Some of these programs act as a firewall as well and will turn off the default firewall (i.e. I know AVG Business has a firewall, there is a Norton firewall as well)

    You should also attempt to make a repair batch. This batch will start the services that normally run with Windows Firewall. Just copy the code into notepad and make a batch from it.

    *Note this batch was meant for Windows 7 and I don't have enough experience to know how different enterprise 8 is
    sc config MpsSvc start= auto
    sc config KeyIso start= auto
    sc config BFE start= auto
    sc config FwcAgent start= auto
    net stop MpsSvc 
    net start MpsSvc 
    net stop KeyIso 
    net start KeyIso
    net start Wlansvc
    net start dot3svc
    net start EapHostnet 
    net stop BFE 
    net start BFE
    net start PolicyAgent
    net start MpsSvc
    net start IKEEXT
    net start DcaSvcnet 
    net stop FwcAgent 
    net start FwcAgent

    The only other option I could think of than would be to try to manually set it to start via the registry. Be advised that you should always be careful when editing the registry. And there again, I don't know enough about Windows 8 enteprise to know how different the registry is compared to other operating systems.

    Hopefully somebody else can give further advice.
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Windows Firewall Service Doesn't Start Automatically
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