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Got virus, reset computer, wont start

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    Got virus, reset computer, wont start

    Hi i have a serius problem with my computer i got a virus that deselected my grapics card and wouldnt allow me to go in bios so i thought that a factory restore would do it, unfortunetly i was wrong. It turned off the computer and when i try to start it it just goes to a black screen for about an hour then goes to like some kind of power save mode where the power button is flashing and i tried to turn it on agian and the same thing happend. My screen works just fine but it says it dosent get any input so my computer just isint displaying anything. I am really scared and dont know what to do pleasee help

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    Can you order recovery disks from the manufacturer ?

    EDIT--- After you get it fixed, it would be a good idea to get Macrium Reflect.

    Either the free or paid Standard version & make system images so you can restore your computer that way.

    I bought the paid version & consider the money well spent.

    Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit sells recovery disks pretty cheap. I'm supposing they are legit as they've been in business for awhile. This is the link for my particular system although I would assume the only difference is the drivers disk. Acer® V3 771G 73618G50Makk Laptop Downloads |
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    This does not sound like a virus to me at all. Check your video card connection to the motherboard and power connections (if any). Swap the video card out and see if that helps. Check your power supply, too...
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Got virus, reset computer, wont start
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