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Antivirus tests-- free

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    Same here chrome and defender blocked everything. Still have active licenses for Avast! and Eset but see no need whatsoever to install them. Both have always had issues at times for me.
    Never had an anti virus find malware in 19 years! PC is backed up as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaXimus View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by MaXimus View Post

    poor you,

    check Windows Defender score here: AV-TEST

    Click on home icon in the top middle, then scroll down to the end to see the lovely Windows Defender score
    Even worst. Click the "Awards" item on the left of the page. It has this to say at the bottom:

    " The following products did not pass all of the tests carried out in 2013 and were therefore not considered for the 2013 AWARD: AhnLab V3 Internet Security, Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Defender and Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection."
    Nice catch! never saw that before. What is sad, is that 1000s of people still insist to use that crappy AV Windows Defender because it comes with the OS and is free! there are many good free alternatives but people are just too lazy to try.

    What's their reasoning? "I've been using Windows Defender/MSE for many years and never got infected!" RIIIIGHT, as if you were infected your computer will popout a message saying "Hi, I am a virus and I infected your computer" they would never even know that infections are lurking in their system because Windows Defender (which has nohting to do with actually defending LOL) will never even detect those viruses in the first place!
    If you don't know your PC is infected you're probably best to use anti virus protection.
    Virus has to be installed on a PC the problem is nearly always the user
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit

    6/14/14 Windows Defender failed the last three:

    Antimalware Client Version:
    Engine Version: 1.1.10600.0
    Antivirus definition: 1.175.2294.0
    Antispyware definition: 1.175.2294.0
    Network Inspection System Engine Version: 2.1.10502.0
    Network Inspection System Definition Version:

    Test if my protection against the download of a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) is enabled
    Test if protection against accessing a Phishing Page is enabled
    Test if my cloud protection is enabled
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit

    If you go to this page:
    Home: AV-TEST - The Independent IT-Security Institute

    And click on:
    Home User / Win 8.1 / AVG Free Edition

    Why does AVG Free get a good rating for protection?

    The reason I ask: The free version doesn't do real-time protection.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit

    I was using AVG Free in the past
    . . . but switched to Win Defender, when I installed Win 8, because it said it did "Real-time" protection
    . . . and the Win 8's Win Defender had combined in MS Security Essentials, which I think was good, but slow
    . . . but, that's how I understood it, you had to pay to get "Real-time" protection from AVG Free
    . . . I was content to run AVG manually once a week

    I used Win 8's Win Defender for a while, until I read a review that said it only got a score of 79% last April.

    I was looking around. When I read the Avast Free did "Real time" protection, I decided to switch to that.

    Then, I learned that AVG Free does "Real time" protection, that's the purpose of an anti-virus program.

    Anyway, I have been using Avast Free right now for a month or so, and it seems good. It has good ratings, and a review I read said that it was better than AVG, in that when it found a virus, it didn't even bother quarantining it, it blocked it.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit

    To see the test (no direct link), go to:

    Home: AV-TEST - The Independent IT-Security Institute

    Click on: Home User

    Click on (at the bottom): Windows Defender 4.3 & 4.4

    Win Defender only got 79% for last April
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    Win 8.1.1 Pro x64

    There are various tests from classical testing of known malware like AV-Comparatives
    up to testing zero day treats, which shows, how weak AVs really are: CRDF Threat Center
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit

    Avast Free gets the most downloads last week:

    anti virus downloads - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

    In this report, some AV programs show as being better, look at Virpre, for example.: CRDF Threat Center: Homepage

    Why isn't Vipre showing as having more downloads last week than Avast?

    vipre downloads - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

    Reason: Because there's only a 30-day trial, then u have to pay.

    The CRDF should make a note of this in the report.
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Antivirus tests-- free
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