So hello there forums. I'm in a crisis mode becuase my main computer is down and out. I have the error of the user profile failed the log on and as such I cannot log on to my windows 8.1 computer. I've tried following all of the advice online and have come only upon a list of things I am unable to do.

I cannot enter safemode due to the need of me to sign in. I cannot factory reset becuase a partition is missing for it apparently. I cannot restore it to a week or two weeks ago due to something with my antivirus it said (webroot)

I've used command prompt for many things trying to get the administrator account to pop up and I have activated the built in account however I cannot access because the buttons on the log on screen are essentially useless. I can highlight them but do no action on them.

While tabbing between this and windows support and looking at the computer in question I somehow just got it to factory reset. I was unable to do this for 2 days. I figured I'd still post this in case someone else has a similar issue or if someone could tell me what happened to it? People around me scream virus but they aren't entirely tech savvy.