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    More then likely something is not being allowed. Some sites require cookies/Javascript to be enabled for the game to run. I've run into this problem before when I attempt to play a game online.

    If you are using FF & you have NoScript installed you may need to allow some items there. Or you may need to allow 3rd party cookies. IE has ActiveX filtering that may need to be adjusted to allow certain items to run.

    Try launching the browser in safe mode with all plug ins disabled. If the game runs, then it's a matter of finding what setting/plug in is blocking the game. I will caution you that if the game requires you to d/l a "special" item in order to play it, you should be wary as this can easily lead to infection.
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    The scrabble game is part of FaceBook. Doubt very much that my mom actually "loaded" it. She just clicks on the appropriate link and starts to play. It was working before I ran all the virus/malware scans. I believe it requires Java and I may try uninstalling Java and reinstalling that but I find it hard to believe that those scans would affect Java. I have the reports from the scans saved as notepad files. There were some registry entries deleted but I really don't like fooling with the registry and would not do so with out a little guidance from someone more knowledgeable than myself. Currently I am thinking of pursing these courses of action in the order listed.

    1) uninstall/re-install Java

    2) uninstall/re-install the latest IE update

    3) return deleted files one at a time to the registry, delete them if they do not solve the problem

    4) return computer to factory set up via the supplied HP recovery drive and start all over.

    Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated.


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    Normally games online run under flash (not all, but most). Now, if she downloaded some program to enable her to play, that required Java, that could be one of the things that got deleted. One note though, that could have caused all those problems in the 1st place too, being that it could have come bundled with spyware/malware. And there are games out there that require Java to run. But a majority of the online games I've encountered need you to allow only flash or maybe cookies to play them. Hence the reason I was wondering if something was blocking a key element to allow the game to run.

    If the registry entries that were deleted were listed as PUP's (Potentially Unwanted Programs), then that may have been what shorted out the game. Most of these games have a habit of tracking you (especially FB), so removing that entry may have affected it. If the registry entry was listed as virus/malware, better not to put it back.

    Did you try going to the site with a safe mode browser & see if the game ran?

    All of what you suggested is a good course of action, & I don't know what securities/plug ins your browser runs. If you've had a lot of probs with the computer, resetting it might be a good idea. Or doing a refresh or reset.

    Refresh Windows 8

    Reset Windows 8

    This will show you how to use a new feature in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to reset your PC to completely start over back to default to remove all personal data, apps, and settings from the PC, and reinstall Windows. This is like doing a factory restore/recovery on a purchased computer or clean install, but a little faster.
    You might also consider D/L ing an ISO of Win 8 & doing a clean install so that you don't have to deal with all the bloatware that comes with most laptops/PC's when you get them.

    Clean Install - Windows 8

    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

    How to install Windows 8.1 with 8.1 OEM key?
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    Well it was a battle but it is done for the moment. Instead of uninstalling/re-installing Java as my first step I decided to uninstall/re-install Flash player first. As you probably know, and I learned, flash player isn't listed as an installed program. So being the smart guy I am I just downloaded the uninstall tool and let'er rip. Upon trying to reinstall Flash I discovered that it won't load. The installer thinks it is already loaded because I have Win8.1 :-<. Apparently it is treated like IE, as part of the OS and is installed as an update. Of course at the point your suggestion to try silvergames was pointless. As for safe mode, I had already disabled all accelerators and add-ons just to speed up the whole experience. At this point what I really really really wanted to do was a clean install of Win8.1. Getting rid of the crap I think you would refer to as bloatware would have been an added bonus to a fresh start. But to be honest the whole clean install with an OEM key embedded in the bios seemed a bit more than I could take on right now so I opted for the refresh and it worked well. After the obligatory 6 or so hours of updates there was only another 2 or 3 hours of set up before Mom was back to some facsimile of normal.

    Thanks again to you and all who support those who try but really don't know.

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    Glad it's sort of sorted. You can always opt to do clean install some other time down the road.

    If everything looks/runs well, you may want to consider making a system image. The link is to the tutorial & it's handy to have one so you can restore normal operations.

    System Image - Create in Windows 8

    This tutorial will show you how to create a system image backup in Windows 8 and 8.1 to be able to use to restore the contents of your computer back to the state it was in when the system image was created if your HDD or computer ever stops working.
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Zeus Trojan Virus
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