Hi guys of beloved comunity as i say ou and i am dont presuntous i have a new flamant computer and i want the best security now i install comodo internet security and the new relese was pretty ligth, very good perfomance etc. I have a cuestion i have the luck to win a webroot licence for 1.5 years and i like that software capabilities of desinfection but i know it have some troubles whith comodo. I dont know if this the correct place to post there but whats the rigth way to use that software alongside i see webroot promotes is compatible whith every security software, but have to add exclusions. I know how to ad exclusions (I supouse maybe i know something) but i want you tell me your experiences and tips and configurations and if its not posible dont install webroot its a clean windows install good bless you happy weekend sorry to make this cuestion maybe its not important but virtual kiosk is a essential tool for me because in the research institute i work t hey give us too much software of questionable procedence and the comodo sandboxing are very confortable Good Bless you