What is the equivalent problem in Win8, of rpcnet & rpcnetp in Win7?
I have a laptop running Win7 and another Win8, both OEM.
In Win7 I'm battling a rpcnetp problem (I don't want it, my sedentary home laptop is not likely to be physically stolen, I'm much more worried about the possible electronic theft due to the backdoor open by rpcnet*.* processes). -- Dealing with it is a topic for the Win7 forum.
But given that rpcnetp has been staged in the BIOS of many Win7 laptops, I'm wondering what should I look for in Win8, is something similar still going on, how has this been morphed? Do manufacturers still make their BIOS capable of activating Lojak tracking on Win8 laptops as they did on Win7 laptops, but using differently named similar processes? I can't find the files rpcnet.* or rpcnetp.* in my Win8 Windows folder, but I'm not yet confident... Zone Alarm Free did flag rpcnet*.exe in Win7, but could not stop it from working: it is very stealthy, so might be even more hidden in Win8.
Zone Alarm Free does not flag anything as yet in Win8. (Too good to be true?)
Anyone has explored this issue (or similar ones) and can elucidate the backdoor security issues of Win8 BIOS in laptops?