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Warning - friend got BUBBLEBDOC after installing FIREFOX

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wynona View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Arpan View Post
    Never got a virus (so far) just from opening a webpage. I mean really? Just opening a webpage?
    Neither have I, Arpan, but that doesn't mean it won't happen tomorrow. In fact, I don't know how I've escaped so far, but I don't remember more than a couple and those were from downloading board/card games (I wanted a good solitaire package).
    Tell you what, I have been very lucky. Haven't got a single virus in the laptop I'm using for the last 2 years. But as you rightly said, that doesn't mean it won't happen tomorrow. I do try to take as many precautionary measures as I can. Before clicking a link, I look at the bottom corners of my browser when I hover above the link. But, non-techies may not be that good at assessing which links are good and which aren't just by looking at them.

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    I believe a correctable and manageable mistake like this early on in a users PC career is a good thing. Its a lesson learned without to much collateral damage, especially when you have friends like Jimbo and all of you in here to be bailed out by.
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    Word "Virus" came to be generic word for "Malware" but it's just part of it. Some (including me) consider malware anything pushed on to my computer, either by stealth, by deception or otherwise, without my express wish to do so or being unable to prevent it, given a choice. Some Addware I might even tolerate if it comes with a benefit, like a good free program but even than I'd like it to be known in advance.
    I have seen many computers with browsers so clogged up with bars that there was barely a line or two left for content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Windows 8 View Post
    Well, I once got adware from the official BitTorrent installer. Fortunately, that was not a big deal to remove but still.
    just recently had the same thing from them .it was not nasty but not wanted conduit toolbar crap
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    I still have "AVG SiteSafety plugin" on FF, can't get rid of it, just to set it to disabled. Never had any AVG product installed on this computer and OS. There's no mention of it on "about:config" either.
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Warning - friend got BUBBLEBDOC after installing FIREFOX
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