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Windows Essentials 2012 Installing Errors

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    Windows Essentials 2012 Installing Errors

    Alright, I have been running into a lot of problems lately with installing Windows Essentials 2012. I have gotten 2 different error codes which I have looked into forums about at and done everything they said to do. I have successfully installed it but then when I attempted to launch Movie Maker (which is all I need) it told me that I was missing something (shouldn't the installation put EVERYTHING you need for the program to run on your computer?!). So I got that file and put it in the appropriate folder and then again attempted to launch Windows Live Movie Maker and I got another message saying I was missing a DIFFERENT file. I have run 2 different virus scans and cleans on my computer (because some forum told me to run a scan). Now what is happening is that I am running the installer and with in matter of seconds it says that Windows Essentials has successfully installed. However, when I go and try and use one of the WLE programs IT... IS... NOT... ON... MY.... COMPUTER! I am starting to get pissed off. I have spent hours on end attempting to fix this problem and no forum has helped me.

    Hopefully now I can get some real help on what to do.

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    We will do our best to help you,okay first you should never download files from any website they could be harmed,second could you give us a screenshot or the code numbers?,third did you download the WLE Setup from the official site?fourth shouldnt you get the WLE with the ISO file imean with the windows 8.1 i didnt had to install WLE it came with my windows?,fifth check if there is any windows updates then try again with the official WLE installer.
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    first are you picking this up from the official Microsoft site
    Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials

    If not this could be your first problem
    If not uninstall it completely from Programs and features
    Reboot the computer
    Run your antivirus program to make sure there are no viruses
    Download and run Malwarebytes at and run a full scan
    make sure you did not pick up something
    If everything comes clean, then reinstall it at the site I just gave you and see if it installs properly
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Windows Essentials 2012 Installing Errors
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