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Windows Defender DOES NOT WORK

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    Hey mate,

    Are you curious about removing a virus yourself? Microsoft provides you the answer: How do I remove a computer virus? - Microsoft Windows Help

    They have many pages like that. Basically, the best thing to do is avoid questionable websites. You are your own computer's gatekeeper.

    Everyone recommends this or that antivirus, but if you want an additional program free to use for a manual scan every so often, malwarebytes comes highly recommended: - use this in addition to an antivirus. From what I can tell, either the built in defender OR Avast! are the most popular, but it will be a choice you should make. Keep in mind some antivirus programs can be less than helpful, and downright harsh on your computer. The two mentioned are usually excellent and do not hinder normal operation at all. Hope this helps!

    PS: When compared to FREE help here, you were ripped off for 200$. Bet they only spent 30 minutes or less repairing it too.

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    Before I had my PC cleaned for viruses I had already Rawtherapie that was downloaded. This is a free logiciel I had downloaded a while ago for my camera works. As many of you said how careful we must be with free download except the ones we buy offically what are your advice: as it was already installed BEFORE Geek cleaned my PC is it ok for me to leave it now the viruses have been removed or am I still in risk for new viruses as that version was free. Is it the download action in itself we must be careful with of any download at any point also after the installation ? Thanks again for your advices greatly appreciated you all.
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    In my experience, the application you download is itself not infected, it's the "wrapper" or the other accompanying applications that are installed along with the "good" application that are malware. For instance, the camera softwware is legitimate, but the other programs that are downloaded and installed along with it (CNet comes to mind here) are malware, adware, browser hijacks or worse.
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    As others have said it depends very much what you download. If you use torrents you probably will get a virus (so I use an OS X Virtual machine for that). If you take a USB key to an internet café you probably will get a virus (I always seem to).

    Defender (as part of Windows) works for me. ADWCleaner and MalwareBytes are good also if you find you have a problem.

    If you download and run random .exe files then you'll have a problem though for sure and anyone who asks you to pay is just a thief.

    Make a backup now and then if the worst happens you have something to go back to.
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    Hey mate, see this to learn more about keeping yourself safe online. Very informative: Protect Yourself from Malware | Security Solutions
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Windows Defender DOES NOT WORK
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