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Auto update Windows Defender

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    Auto update Windows Defender

    I have just started to use Windows Defender on W8.1 and cannot see a way to get it to auto update without getting all the other Windows updates to auto update as well. I prefer to manage the general Windows updates myself and decide when (or if) to apply them. However, like other AV products, I would lIke it to update automatically.

    Any thoughts on how to do this - it must be able to do it

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    I thought it did by itself? First off, you can set windows updates to only install important updates, and uncheck the box that says give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates. That way you do not have to install recommended updates. Important updates should be installed no matter what, they protect your computer, etc.

    If you don't want to do that, then see if it auto-updates despite the windows update being off, on its own. Give it a few days. If it does, you got it! If not, there is a high high chance you cannot do anything to keep it updated, as it is a built in windows feature
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcaswell View Post
    I have just started to use Windows Defender on W8.1 and cannot see a way to get it to auto update
    What exactly you want to update ?

    • Program "Windows Defender" or
    • "Virus signature files" of Windows Defender

    Signature files can be updated with this command:
    "%programfiles%\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe" -SignatureUpdate -MMPC
    Make a shortcut or create a batch file for manually update.
    Or create a job in task scheduler which runs e.g. hourly.
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    NiFu - thanks - I want to update the signature files - I am less concerned about the application itself. I will experiment with the task scheduler

    Edwin - I think that you are implying that it automatically updates the signature files anyway. I wonder why it seems not to be doing it, or I wonder if I am I misunderstanding what it is telling me.

    I set auto update to tell me when there are updates available as I would rather control when updates are applied rather than apply then when it may not be adviseable
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    You can setup Windows Defender to update via a Scheduled Task.

    Windows Defender can be scheduled for daily signature updates using Task Scheduler. I put mine in the Microsoft/Windows/Windows Defender section of Task Scheduler.

    Click on "Create Task", name it what you like (mine is set to update 5 minutes after log on and every 3 hours after that), set the trigger as the time you want it to run every day, or after a specific event....

    For Action browse to Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe and select it. In "Add arguments" add -SignatureUpdate -MMPC

    The "MMPC" performs the update directly from Microsoft Malware Protection Center. And it runs very quickly.
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    majulook - thank you - very useful - will do this
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    Lots of helpful people here!!
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    I've done this as well, but every time the task runs, it deletes itself afterwards (without updating), and then I attempt to recreate the task, to no avail. Any reason why it would delete itself? I've compared it to the "Scan" task, and all of the triggers and options are the same. The time to run, and the command parameters are the only things that are different.
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    I attempted exporting my scheduled scan task to XML, and then importing it as a new task. Step by step, I make changes to several parts of the task (the time to run, the name and the description). Each time I make a change, I save the task and run it (at this point, a full scan task). Then I change the parameters to -SignatureUpdate, which runs a definitions update. The task deletes when I run it.

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Auto update Windows Defender
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