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Can't get rid of spyware

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    windows 8 64 bit

    I tried the scans under safe mode and got rid of the webcake desktop and the Win32.Downloader.gen. Malwarebytes didn't even detect the iCrossRider but the spybot S&D did but couldnt get rid of it. I thought I read somewhere where S&D isn't fully compatible with win8 anyway. I'm wondering if I could go in under safe mode and manually remove it?

    Anyway 2 down and 1 to go , so im making progress

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    Southeast, Iowa
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    windows 8 64 bit

    Quote Originally Posted by gator2013 View Post
    I think the paid version of Malwarebytes has a couple more removal tools that aren't available in the free version. I would be kind of surprised if Malwarebytes could not remove your problem files especially if you really push it. It might damage your OS in the process but everything removed is backed up and if you are considering reinstalling your OS then what the heck.

    Also, if you google "Malwarebytes Coupons" you can find some discount codes that really work. I purchased Malwarebytes Pro latest version Lifetime Lisence for $19.95 and you don't have to look out for sneaky add-ons with the download and install. I can live with that. It also has real-time protection if you choose to use it.

    Just a Thought

    This Link Might Help As Well
    Thanks gator, I might check it out
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    In the link you provided in post #8, it advised you to run TDSSKiller. Did you run this program? If not, you should do so.

    TDSSKiller Download

    Before running TDSSKiller, click on "Change Parameters" & check the box marked "Detect TDLFS file system."

    As part of its self defense mechanism, Win32.downloader.gen will install a rootkit on the infected computer.
    Pretending itself to be a legitimate website, actually contains rootkit and Trojans which can automatically record your online behaviors in order to steal personal information and confidential data such as bank account information, credit card information, social security number. These confidential information then be
    transferred to remote server.
    A rootkit creates a hidden boot partition which will run before Windows can initialize. Therefore it is hard to remove since every time you boot to the OS, it is already running. It generally does not show up on disk management & can only be seen with a Boot Partition Manager, such as GParted.

    Also, since this infection is capable of transmitting personal data, such as listed above, it would be wise to change all your passwords (on a clean PC), then contact your bank and advise them to keep an eye on your accounts.

    After you have run TDSSKiller, d/l & run AdwCleaner.

    AdwCleaner Download

    In the case of the PC being compromised by a rootkit, the safest recourse is to do a clean install as some rootkits cause irreparable damage to the OS files. If you choose this path, be sure to format the entire HDD as some rootkits have been known to survive a clean install when the drive is not wiped clean
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    No format. Killdisk instead. Only then can it be guaranteed "clean".

    It's the best way to go. Anything else, like trying to repair Windows, is an extreme compromise to security/stability/reliability.
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    Never tried killdisk, but it looks interesting. I usually use DBAN.
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    Not very familiar with that (I've seen it mentioned here or there over years), but it has the work "Nuke" in it. I can dig it. Thumbs up.

    One major caveat perhaps: "No guarantee that data is removed"
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    Always run any scan tool from a "safe mode with networking" option to get the best results. MalwareBytes has worked for me about 90% of the time.
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    Have you tried the Trend Micro online scan ?
    It MIGHT help:

    Free Online Virus Scan - Antivirus Software - Trend Micro USA

    You'll download a small .exe from Trend Micro.
    Right click it & choose Properties & unblock it:

    Click image for larger version
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    Did you try SuperAntiSpyware? There is a free version and you can download right from there site...SUPERAntiSpyware | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware!. Good Luck!
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    I had a major spyware infection dynamo something. I refused to pay what something that was supposed to be free wanted to activate the service. I deleted every registry key pointing towards the spyware, then I open 8.1 in safe mode. This works only if you know where the offending software is installed. I scrolled to the directory and I was able to delete every file and directory manually. I then checked the registry and it came up clean. There is a way to streamline the process. Open it in safe mode and search the registry there. A manual tape worm search is a must, keep using the name of the spyware application in each search until it comes up empty. It is possible to wreck an other wise good install of windows by deleting blindly in the registry.

    It is like the spyware was never on my system now. I will NEVER pay for spyware removal software now that I can kill the spyware myself.
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Can't get rid of spyware
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