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MALWAREbytes question-

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    MALWAREbytes question-

    couldn't get 'reply' to post below to your help- here it is in a new thread :

    Quote Originally Posted by Borg 386 View Post
    Malwarebytes (Free) is an on-demand scanner & should not interfere with most AV's. So are you saying i didn't do anything wrong by NOT disabling my McAfee Internt Security/Firewall during install of Mwbb ? and by 'not' disabling mwb's 'download' was not compromised? Unfortunately, McAfee takes a draconian approach to controlling your PC. McAfee does not play well with anything & in the past has caused lots of problems with computers. Seven Forums is strewn with posts about McAfee causing numerous problems.

    Did Malwarebytes find anything? If so, did you quarantine the files? did full scan -nothing quarantined ...

    You may have inadvertently gotten the full paid version. That comes with a 14 day free trial & the paid version does have active background scanning, which could be a problem with some AV's. Malwarebytes : Free Anti-Malware was website - offered two choices: pro/ free (nothing showing about a 'trial-choice")

    With this latest version update, the 14-day trial of MBAM PRO is enabled by default during installation. During installation, there's an opportunity to decline the trial (opt-out) by unchecking the box. If you didn't do that and the PRO trial was activated, it only means that, when the 14-day trial expires, MBAM PRO will revert back to MBAM Free version functionality.
    don't recall seeing ''opt out' trial -

    Check to see if it is running in the background on your system right now (Malwarebytes icon present in the system tray), if it is, you may need to uninstall it, re-install the free version & uncheck the box. Or you can wait until the 14 days are up & it will default to a on-demand scanner. o.k.

    You might want to consider getting another AV, being that McAfees record in the past has proven "less then stellar." There is a good list of AV programs here & you can weigh the pros/cons of each one. thanks so much for your help -much appreciated edythe

    What's the Best Anti-virus? - Windows 7 Help Forums

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    The issue I see is the AV, what is your question?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMGrier View Post
    The issue I see is the AV, what is your question?
    i initially posted a question - got a reply - tried to respond only to find the 'reply' wouldn't post,showing ''more text needed in this reply (or something to that effect) i just started a new question hoping the helper/poster would see my reply to his reply ....confusing - yup - why would my a/v come into play when trying to 'send' a reply on this board -thanks so much !
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    So are you saying i didn't do anything wrong by NOT disabling my McAfee Internt Security/Firewall during install of Mwbb ? and by 'not' disabling mwb's 'download' was not compromised?
    You didn't do anything wrong. The only time a d/l can get compromised is if your machine is already infected with a virus. AV programs only stop/delete a d/l if they detect a virus.

    did full scan -nothing quarantined ...
    Did Malwarebytes find anything? If it did, you need to check the boxes of whatever it finds & then quarantine them. If it didn't find anything, that's a good sign.

    offered two choices: pro/ free (nothing showing about a 'trial-choice") don't recall seeing ''opt out' trial -
    Check your system tray to see if there is a Malwarebytes icon present. If there is, then the pro version trial is enabled & it is running in the background. As stated earlier, you can either delete it or wait 14 days for the trial to expire, when it will revert to an on-demand scanner.

    thanks so much for your help -much appreciated edythe
    No prob, glad to help

    Generally when you install Malwarebytes, there will be a Enable free trial of MBAM Pro that is pre-checked at the end of the setup. This is where you need to uncheck the option.
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    ok -yes i remember that screen=thought you meant at the website itself where one chooses ''pro'' or free download.. thanks again ! edythe
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MALWAREbytes question-
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